(Clearwisdom.net) At around 4:30 p.m. on November 30, 2008, the police arrested more than ten practitioners at Mr. Zhang Dong's home in Yutaijiayuan Community, Zhangdaokou Village, Dasi Town in Xiqing District, Tianjing City. At present, Mr. Yang Qingsheng is being held at the detention center of the Nankai District Police Department. Mr. Liu Huijiang is held at the Wushuidao Detention Center in Xiaohaidi Community, Hexi District. Mr. Zhang Dong's family of three and a couple (one of whom drives for a living) are unaccounted for.

Five minutes after Mr. Yang Qingsheng arrived at Mr. Zhang Dong's home, the lights went out. They went out to check the fuse box, but as soon as they opened the door, several plainclothes police officers led more than 30 officers to rush in. Some of the officers beat the people in the house with wooden bats. Some took pictures with their cameras. The police arrested Mr. Zhang Dong, his wife, and their son, as well as their visitors: practitioners who came to study the Fa together. They included Mr. Liu Huijiang and his wife, Mr. Yang Qingsheng (a driver by occupation) and his family of four, a practitioner called Lao Lu and spouse, and an elderly practitioner.

The homes of Mr. Yang Qingsheng and Mr. Liu Huijiang were searched by the police. After someone came to rescue them, Lao Lu and spouse, Mr. Liu Huijiang's wife, and the elderly practitioner were released. Mr. Yang Qingsheng, the couple with the driver, Mr. Liu Huijiang, and Mr. Zhang Dong's family are still imprisoned.

Mr. Liu Huijiang's father (in his eighties), brother, sisters, and wife went many times to the Youyilu Police Station in Xihe District and asked to see Mr. Liu. The police denied their visitation requests giving different excuses and even said that to visit him, they must wait several months, hire a lawyer, and then come.

The police went to Mr. Yang Qingsheng's home. They deceived Mr. Yang's wife, Ms. Wang Zhixian, and took her to the Tiyuguan Police Station in Nankai District. They questioned her, asking if she was practicing Falun Gong or knew any other practitioners. After they failed to get any information from her, they took her to the gate of the Binhu Primary School and publicly took her daughter into custody. The child was just leaving school with her classmates and was deeply emotionally hurt.

Mr. Liu Huijiang served in the military. He was forced to leave the army in 2003 because he practiced Falun Dafa. Since then, he has worked for the Fujinon Corp., a branch of Fujinon, Inc. in Japan. His duties include translation and management. He has followed Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, worked diligently, and gained the company's trust. He is now facing dismissal from his position in the company due to his arrest. His family is experiencing financial hardship.

Tai Lijun, officer in charge of the community where Mr. Liu Huijiang lives: 86-13821002322 (Cell)
Wu Haosong, case officer in Hexi Police Department, Tianjing City: 86-13821182725 (Cell)
Youyilu Police Station: 86-22-88293369