(Clearwisdom.net) The hygiene conditions at the Cotton Division of the Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp are extremely poor. The detainees are forced to do heavy slave labor from 6:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. every day. Currently, more than ten practitioners and several dozen criminal inmates are doing heavy slave labor there. They are often beaten and scolded by Tang Wei, a drug addict who was appointed as supervisor by the camp manager.

Some manufacturers provided deteriorated cotton and industrial waste products to produce winter outfits. Facing pressure from society, they shipped 150 bags of good-quality cotton to the labor camp, to produce 10,000 winter outfits. These good-quality winter outfits will be used to pass inspections and to cover up the large amount of poor-quality cotton outfits previously made (made by No. 3504 factory, in Oct. 2008) and to shirk responsibility.

Therefore, in December 2008, the Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp was busy processing these good-quality cottons, from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., for approximately twenty days.

On the evening of November 7, 2008, the labor camp was working overtime to fluff cotton, and large amounts of cotton was piled on the floor. The labor camp head, together with guard Zhang Liang suddenly conducted an inspection and didn't allow the cotton piled on the floor to be used. Supervisor Tang Wei thus scolded and kicked several practitioners, including Li Li, Su Nan, and Geng Guoge. On November 8, he beat practitioner Li Shuzhi. On November 12, Lu Meijun, who is detained at Division One, was kicked and beaten by Zhao Guorong, team head of Division One. Zhao also shocked Lu with electric batons. As a result, Lu was wounded in many places and had many bruises on her face.

On December 8, Zhang Yinglin, a practitioner from Tieling, was brutally beaten for refusing to sign documents. Zhang Yinglin was then tortured for two days and nights, including having her limbs forcibly stretched. In addition to Zhang Chunguang, guard Zhai Yaohui was also involved. Throughout the two days and nights, Zhai Yaohui was very brutal in torturing practitioner Zhang Yinglin.

Geng Guoge is a practitioner from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. She has been mistreated at the labor camp. As a result, she is now physically weak and has headaches. Geng needs support to walk up stairs. When she was forced to do labor, she had a stomachache and kept vomiting, and was unable to eat. However, Geng was still forced to fluff the cotton, and the working environment was very poor. After she was sent to three years of forced labor, Geng was detained in Division Two. In November 2005, about twenty practitioners refused to wear the inmate badge. In the freezing winter, they were allowed to wear only light clothing, and for two days were not allowed to have any food, water or use of the bathroom. They had no choice but to urinate into to a plastic container. Geng then dumped the urine outside the room. This irritated the guards, who then used Geng's quilt to mop the urine in the hallway. Several people then intensified the torture of Geng, including Zhang Zhuohui (currently head of the Division Three, a division specialized for torturing practitioners), Zhang Xiurong, Zhou Qian (currently head of the Division One), and head Gao (husband of Zhang Chunguang, well known for torturing practitioners). They stretched Geng's arms and chained her to chairs for several hours. It was very cold and Geng vomited large amounts of blood. She vomited four containers of blood. The container is about 10 cm deep with 20 cm in diameter (4 by 8 inches). Seeing Geng in a life-threatening situation, the guards stopped the torture after having her chained for one day. Half of Geng's hair turned gray.

In June 2008, Geng was arrested again by Chinese Communist Party officials, and sentenced to one and a half years. In July, she was sent to the labor camp and detained in Division Two for forced labor fluffing cotton. In September, because of quality reasons, a woman surnamed Wang (in charge of quality) and Tang Wei (an inmate) who, under the connivance of the guards, often beat and swore at other inmates and practitioners, and denigrated Geng for more than half an hour. In the evening, Geng vomited blood, and did so again several days later. She is currently in very poor health.

In Division One at the labor camp, each practitioner has one criminal inmate assigned to her, to watch the practitioner around the clock. The guards threaten the inmates with extended terms, physical abuse and more, to ensure that they monitor every practitioner's activities and report them to the guards.

Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp, Division One:
Li Mingyu, political head, issues all orders and mistreatment against Falun Gong practitioners.
Zhang Chunguang, director, involved in the brutality against practitioners and inmates.
Zhao Guorong, team head, is very brutal at beating people.
Zhou Qian, director in charge of production, asked Tang Wei to beat and swear at practitioners as well as inmates to finish the heavy workload.