(Clearwisdom.net) Hexing Township Brainwashing Center in Sichuan Province is located in a suburban area near Hexing Town. Publicly, they call the center "Deyang City Science Education School." This center was built specifically to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. To cover up their vicious deeds, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) local authorities have arranged for some seniors to live there.

This center has more than fifty rooms with surveillance systems installed in each room. Each room has three beds, one for a practitioner, and the other two are for the two personal monitors (persons designated to supervise the behavior of practitioners). There is a cafeteria and bathroom on the ground floor, along with rooms used to persecute practitioners. No matter what their jobs are, all the employees of the center, including those who are hired by the police department to physically torture practitioners, doctors, and psychologists from Guanghan Hospital, teachers from a continuing education school, janitors and door keepers, together constantly monitor and control practitioners.

In the center, two personal monitors are assigned to each practitioner around the clock. They report to the center authorities every word and action the practitioner says or takes. The center brainwashes these personal monitors as soon as they enter the center and teaches them how to maintain a close relationship with the practitioners, and how to find out the sources of Falun Gong materials. They also learn how to determine practitioners' attachments so that they can be reported. Normally, when a practitioner is first admitted, he/she is steadfast, and practices the exercises, sends-forth-righteous-thoughts and clarifies the truth about Falun Gong to the people in the center. The personal monitors, however, listen to the practitioners, first observing their behavior to find out who is more steadfast and knows more. They even claim, "We understand that after practicing for so long, it is difficult to stop right away. That's why we allow you to practice a little. However, gradually you will stop practicing." After that, these monitors persecute the most steadfast practitioners. They normally start by asking the practitioner's name, address, how long they have practiced, and when they started. Then, they get some psychologists and teachers from a continuing education school to come and talk with the practitioner, pretending to care about him or her. They ask about the practitioner's family, and chat on some random topics to observe the practitioner's thoughts.

As soon as they hear practitioners singing Falun Gong songs, they rush to record the songs with their cell phones. Afterward, they study the songs. They seem to be afraid of practitioners' conversations, greetings to each other, and even blinking of their eyes. Because of that fear, they lock up practitioners inside their rooms all day long. At daybreak, the personal monitors turn on the TV with the volume turned up high, and force practitioners to watch programs that slander Falun Gong and Teacher.

The monitors also slip some unknown drugs into the practitioners' food, which causes them to become constipated, thirsty, and to drink a large amount of water without knowing the reason why. A few practitioners experienced severe stomach pain, and hence felt extremely weak and perspired a lot. Some had diarrhea and dehydration, and their lower abdomen became swollen. Some gradually lost weight each day.

When practitioners are being severely tortured, and they are in extreme pain, these personal monitors pretend to care about them. The center gets some doctors to check on the practitioners, and some monitors also come to show their "concern." They discuss the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and Zhuan Falun with the practitioners, and tell them later that they read the books because their intent is to debate with the practitioners. They also talk about Sujiatun and organ harvesting. They ask if the practitioners know about it. If the practitioners answers affirmatively, they ask the practitioners from what source they got the information. These personal monitors try every means possible to find out from where the practitioners get their Falun Gong materials and books. They also record their conversations with practitioners using their cell phones. Their intent is to check to see if the practitioners have lied to them when another monitor asks the practitioner the same questions. In addition, the authorities at the center also pretend to lock up some who have enlightened along an evil path with practitioners, so that they can help "transform" the real practitioners. These thugs spread their misleading information to practitioners every day. If a practitioner has not studied the Fa well, it is very easy for him or her to be fooled.

If the practitioners continue practicing the Falun Gong exercises, the personal monitors cover practitioners' mouths with tape and tie them onto chairs. Practitioners are then deprived of sleep, food, drinking water, and even from relieving themselves or seeing their family members.

The local government provides funding for this center. For one practitioner, it pays more than two to three thousand yuan for living expenses and salary to the personal monitors. It is estimated that for one practitioner in the center, the CCP local government pays from 5000 to 7000 yuan. It all comes from the people's taxes.