(Clearwisdom.net) I am a seventh grader, but I formed a predestined relationship with Dafa long ago. In the autumn of 1995, my mom went to her mother's home, where my second aunt introduced Falun Dafa to her. My mom felt that it was very good and decided to join the practice. She brought the Falun Dafa books into her home and began cultivation. I was only eight months old, but I was always beside her while she was studying the Fa or doing exercises until July 20, 1999.

My mom stopped practicing after the persecution began. She resumed cultivation in June 2008, and invited me to cultivate together with her. Although I started so late, I have seen many scenes in other realms and heard many of Master's teachings. I would like to share them here with fellow disciples.

The first day I began practicing, I sat in the double lotus position while sending forth righteous thoughts. I immediately saw many small demon figures attacking me. Some tried to enter my eyes, so I hit them with a stick. They hit my face, causing my nose to bleed. That was my first time sending forth righteous thoughts, and I was not very effective. After half a year of practice, there is not that many demons in my environment any more.

After the fall semester began, I still saw in dreams many demons while I was sleeping. They fought with all their might to prevent me from doing the exercises. I had lots of homework and lacked self-discipline, so I exercised on and off.

My second aunt came to visit us in November 2008. She told us that we must cultivate diligently and delegate time to read the books, do the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts. My mother was more diligent than before and helped me arrange time to study the Fa and do the exercises. I did the exercises after school while she cooked dinner. While I was doing the standing exercise, my palms, shoulders, stomach and back were all very hot, and I became sweaty. Sometimes, while I was sitting in double lotus, hair all over my body would stand up. I saw my palm and soles in red and all my energy channels were open. It was a wonderful feeling; my body felt very light and healthy.

One summer day while sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw many scorpions coming to attack me like a dark cloud. I was sitting in the other realm doing the exercises, and there were many lotus flowers in front of me, and they absorbed all the scorpions. In the following two days, I was cleansing my environment of scorpions while sending forth righteous thoughts. On the fourth day, I asked my mother to put on the fifth exercise music and teach me the hand gestures; that was my first time doing the sitting exercise.

I saw Master wearing a yellow exercise suit, and He lifted me up into the sky by holding my head. We arrived at a very high dimension. Master sat there and said to me, "From now on, you must seize the time to study the Fa and do the exercises and enable transformation of your benti (true body). Master can eliminate those demons in the other realms for you. Time is running out. Tell your family they must also seize the time to study the Fa and do the exercises. Besides, your former teachers have endured so much to find you."

At that moment, I saw four people standing beside Master. They told me, "We have many disciples, and we have found them, given them hints in their dreams, and urged them to study the Fa and do the exercises, but they have failed to enlighten. We have been accompanying you ever since we found you among the humans." At this time, Master spoke to me, "Your body is still in poor condition, your right arm has a disease, and it is still blocked. This must be cured through your doing the exercises."

While I was with Master, I saw a glass bottle near my body. On the left side, it was filled with milky stuff, while on the right side, it was fill with black stuff. I enlightened that this must be the manifestation of my body in the other realm. I saw my right arm was wrapped with a cement-like substance. My flesh body has a piece of dead muscle in my arm, caused by too many injections after I was born. Now it appears as a small dent with a hard, purple spot. Every time I do the second exercise, I have felt that spot as very heavy, and I can see black stuff falling down.

Master told me, "If you fail cultivation and cannot reach beyond triple world cultivation, you won't return when my Fa-rectification ends. You can only reincarnate among the humans, but all the disasters and big cleansing will not hurt you. Of course small tribulations are bound to happen. During the reincarnations among humans, you may be emperors and doctors at first, then finally you will be a night watchman. If you complete cultivation now, all the Buddhas you respect now will be your sentient beings in your kingdom. But if you fail to reach consummation, you will be under their rule while reincarnating among humans. Hence, you must be diligent."

I asked Master, "Can I still cultivate while reincarnating among humans?" Master sighed, "There are many enlightened beings coming down this time, but they are all stuck in the human level and cannot return. Just like yourself, a mud Bodhisattva statue across the river cannot even ensure one's own success. Humans in the future will be managed by gods most close to humans. People still can cultivate, but none of them can go back their original realms, and their elevation will be very slow."

I said to Master, "I will for sure cultivate well, so that I can follow Master back. In case I still have not reached consummation when the Fa-rectification ends, please cut off my right arm, because I want to go back even if I lose an arm. Please don't leave me behind."

Master replied, "That won't do. I have not arranged your path like that. You cannot restart your cultivation now, and your new cultivation will be too slow. The path Master has arranged for you is the fastest. After reaching beyond triple world cultivation, you can cultivate to have countless fashen (law bodies) and supernormal abilities."

I asked Master, "Why have you taken care of me often, but not my mom?" Master said, "Your mom cultivates slowly. But gods in upper dimensions admire your mom, for she gave birth to you, such a highly enlightened being, and guided you to the path of cultivation. She already has unlimited mighty virtue. If she reaches consummation, but you have failed, you will be a sentient being in her kingdom, but none of your sentient beings can go with you. If you reach consummation, but she has failed, she will go to your kingdom to be a sentient being, but her sentient beings will not be allowed to go." At this moment, Master said, "All right, it's time to go back down!"

I saw Master's toe move a bit, and I came down. The exercise music had just ended. I told my mother what I experienced. Ever since then, my mother and I have been very diligent. During the exercises, I saw the black stuff dripping from my arm, and the black stuff in the bottle has been reduced. My mom was reading Master's Hong Yin while I was doing homework, and I saw black smoke coming out of her fingertips. I could see other realms while not doing the exercises as well.

Once I saw mom during the second exercise. She was male, with a golden body, but he was snoring under a huge shining tree. I knew Master's Fa boat was about to take off, and whoever did not board the boat would not reach consummation. I tried so hard to wake up my mother. He opened his eyes, and said, "sleepy," then felt back to sleep. I hit him with a rock, but he still slept. A man riding on a turtle passed us, and I begged him to help me wake up my mother. He replied, "There's no time," and then left. I saw several people riding on lotus flowers flying by us. An older man said to me, "There's no time! Run fast, leave him alone!"

I know Master did not want to leave a single disciple behind, and he wanted me to help my mom. I saw Master pull a piece of flesh from his body and throw it into the air, and it turned into countless flying Fa objects for cultivators to use as vehicles. Master gave me a flying boat and prepared a flying dragon for my mom. Since my mom was still sleeping, I accepted the dragon for him. There were nine huge clocks by the Fa-boat. A explanation was posted as well: when each clock completed a rotation nine times, ending at 12 o'clock, the time for cultivation would end. Now it was 8 o'clock. Although I do not know how to convert that time to our dimension, I know the time left is very short.

I told mom what I saw after the exercises ended. She disciplines herself even more strictly now. Three days later, I saw mom wake up in the other realm. He wanted to go to the Fa boat, but his right leg could not move. (In this dimension her right leg always felt numb after sleep.) I urged him to ride on the flying dragon, but he dared not, as it seemed very dangerous. In order for him to go faster, I hid myself and ran alongside him. We saw many people on the road and a huge crowd near the Fa boat. I urged mom to squeeze into the crowd. He was reluctant to do so, but stood at the end of the waiting line. I knew there was a seat on the boat for me, so I entered.

I told my mom all that I saw in the other realms, and she became very diligent. My aunt and her friends were all very moved and experienced many hints from my visions. I wrote down these experiences so that fellow practitioners will all advance diligently. To those have not joined Falun Dafa cultivation, please hurry and start!


This is my limited understanding. Please point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.