(Clearwisdom.net) We are about to sell tickets for the 2008/2009 Divine Performing Art shows. I had come to New York last year to help in the ticket sales and worked hard at it, just as I had in Taiwan. I handed out truth-clarifying materials about Falun Gong and the unprecedented persecution, the Divine Performing Arts shows, NTDTV's competition series and other materials to people who sat next to me on the subway.

Unfortunately I became less industrious, less hard working, and less diligent as time went by and I completely stopped in the middle of this year, while still in New York. Sometimes I asked myself, "What happened?" and, "Why did I suddenly stop being part of this effort?" After looking within, I realized that it was the attachment of fear that brought me to this standstill.

One day I read a story on the Pure Insight website, "Looking for Master." The writer told us about Master. Master spoke to someone for eight hours on a train in order to offer salvation to him. How compassionate Master was! I felt deep remorse for my own behavior.

I realized that I lacked compassion. If I put saving sentient beings as top priority, I would not fear anything. I would not feel that I might be embarrassed if people refused the materials.

One day on the subway, a person who looked like someone from South America sat next to me. Looking at his clothing, I didn't think he would be interested in Divine Performing Arts. Then, I remembered that I should not judge a person by his clothes and I decided to hand him a flier. As I hadn't handed any materials on the subway for a long time, this little task seemed as hard as the first time I made truth-clarification phone calls to China. I reminded myself that my fear was my lack of compassion for saving sentient beings. When I finally overcame my fear, my compassion arose and I said "hello" and gave him my first 2009 show flier. The person carefully read the flier. I think Teacher encouraged me. I then showed him the Divine Performing Arts photo book. He was fascinated by the beautiful pictures and asked for ticket purchase information before getting off the subway. As my English is not very good, I asked him to call the ticket hot line.

Perhaps, this year one more person will see Divine Performing Arts show from this simple "hello" and our conversation. I know Teacher has been encouraging me. I am truly grateful to Teacher.

I hope that other practitioners who hesitate with getting involved in the ticket sales may find that they lack compassion. By realizing their shortcomings, they will defeat their fear and be part in this great Fa-rectification effort!

November 29, 2008