(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Lin Guizhi from Chaoyang City in Liaoning Province has been illegally imprisoned in the Liaoning Province Women's Prison and subjected to abuse for more than five years. Her situation recently became very serious, and she has gone into coma several times a day. Community Security Affairs Division head Li Guangwen at the Chaoyang City Police Department Guanming Branch denied her medical parole.

Ms. Lin Guizhi is 46 years old. She was arrested on November 18, 2003 and was sentenced to 7 years of prison. She is now held at the Sixth Team of the Second Ward in the Liaoning Province Women's Prison. She has lately developed serious illness symptoms and gone into spasm and coma several times a day. She was taken to the Shenyang Medical University Hospital for an exam and qualified for medical parole. The prison authorities sent two guards to Chaoyang City to process her medical parole application on November 19, 2008.

Community Security Affairs Division head Li Guangwen denied her application, saying that Chaoyang City Police Department's medical examiner stated Ms. Lin did not qualify.

Ms. Lin's family members have questioned Li Guangwen face-to-face several times, demanding to know why he blocked the medical parole application. He made untenable excuses every time. The last time he said if the prison authorities could provide papers that say "physical condition worsened," then he would consider it.

The family members went back to the prison authorities in Shenyang, but the latter refused to send any staff member to Chaoyang City anymore. Now the prison authorities in Shenyang and officials at the Chaoyang Police Department are shifting responsibilities on each other, and the family members have had no results after many inquiries.

Phone Numbers of the Liaoning Province Women's Prison:
Political head of the Second Ward: 86-24-89296870
Division Head of the Second Ward, Cong Zhuo: 86-24-89296867
Head of the Second Ward, Xu: 86-24-89296869
The Prison Head's Office: 86-24-89296666

Chaoyang City Police Department Domestic Security Division Head, Wang Jinglong: 86-421-2611250, 86-421-2616682, 86-13591860610(Cell)
Community Security Affairs Division head, Li Guangwen: 86-421-7282505
Chaoyang City Police Department Deputy Head Zhang Minghua: 86-421-2628248(Office), 86-421-2636666(Home), 86-13304219999(Cell) , 86-13904213399(Cell)