(Clearwisdom.net) In the movie "The Truman Show," the leading character lived in a carefully orchestrated pretend world from birth. The people in the movie were all actors and the sun, moon, sea, sky, and everything else he saw in his life were part of the backdrop. Truman's live was recorded around the clock and broadcast on live TV around the world.

Even after Truman grew up, he didn't question the authenticity of his world. The director took great pains to assure that Truman would never leave his hometown. He once dreamed of becoming an explorer, so his "geography teacher" told him that there was no place worthy of exploration anywhere in the world. The director arranged for Truman to watch his "father" drown in the "sea" to assure that Truman would fear the ocean.

Fortunately, someone told Truman the truth. He was able to overcome his fear of the sea and dared to cross the "sea" only to encounter a prop wall with painted clouds. Truman left the pretend world through a door and gained a new life.

Truman's life in the make-believe world was pitiable because everything was monitored and filmed. He had no privacy and everything was fake. Many of his thoughts were directed and manipulated. Wouldn't it be terrible if we lived in a such world?

Unfortunately, things aren't too different for the people in today's China. The so-called "golden shield project" is like the Great Firewall of China. It monitors all internet traffic within, into and out of China, and feeds information about any unapproved web surfing to an army of 300,000 cyber police monitoring some 200,000 workstations in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Recent enhancements all the CCP to also monitor citizens' phone calls and even movements on the street.

Why did the CCP spend over 600 million yuan to set up the "golden shield project?" Why does it block freedom of information, steal privacy and create terror? The goal is to silence the truth, and brainwash the Chinese people with "Xinhua News Agency" propaganda. People live in fear in a "Truman Show" like environment, constructed by the CCP.

Chinese people born since the CCP took power in 1949 have lived in a fake world carefully designed by the CCP from the day they were born. This fake world goes beyond "The Truman Show." In the past, no one doubted the reality of the world in which the Chinese people live. Television, radio, paper and magazine are all CCP mouthpieces. Even the Chinese people's world outlook was manipulated based on the CCP's needs. The CCP even turned the textbooks into tools that instill party culture. The intent was to have children accept the view held by the CCP. The goal is to eliminate independent thought.

Party leaders confuse the people by equating what is best for China with what is best for the CCP. National pride is equated with Party pride. The people are brainwashed and even look at issues from the CCP's standpoint, even when faced with the truth. They are unable to use their brain and no longer can see the principle of good versus evil. They no longer can step outside their fake world. Many others, having witnessed decades of murderous oppression, fear even hearing the truth. They prefer to turn a deaf ear because they don't want to be falsely implicated and slaughtered as have tens of millions of their countrymen.

Luckily for China, however, more and more Chinese people are now willing to explore the truth, just like Truman.

A precious book, the "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" has opened the exit door from this fake world. It opens people's eyes and let them see clearly all crimes committed by the CCP. They recall the death of 80 million Chinese and begin to see through the veil of CCP propaganda. They can see how the CCP's atheism has led to the destruction of China's traditional culture and caused the nation to degenerate. Over 46 million brave people have withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliations on the Epoch Times website. They are no longer children of Marx and Lenin, but escapees from the CCP's shackles.

People are using all available resources, such as the Internet and text messaging to transmit the truth. They dare to speak the truth, and say "no" to the CCP. Chinese people are beginning to criticize and condemn CCP tyranny. More and more people can see the corruption and moral degeneration in Chinese society. They point to the CCP as the culprit. The following slogans are heard, "Love the country not the party! Get rid of communist rule!" everywhere on China's Internet.

No matter how many seemingly strong "golden shield projects" are manufactured by the CCP minions, it is impossible to stop the formidable spiritual awakening of the Chinese nation. The CCP is unable to evade its fate. What goes around, comes around.