(Clearwisdom.net) Divine Performing Arts New York Company (DPA) and its live orchestra completed their two days of successful performances at Chicago's Lyric Opera on the afternoon of December 28, 2008. The curtain closed amid rousing applause and cheers from an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.

Aberham Booksdein, a retired professor of mathematics, and his wife, Marguerite, were among the audience. They were extremely pleased with the show, and said in unison that they would highly recommend it. Mr. Booksdein said that he would describe the show to his friends as having "Beautiful music, wonderful dances, great visuals and backdrops--every part of the show is of high quality."

He found each and every piece to be different and said that he especially liked the costumes and how they appeared to be blooming flowers. He said, "It's a good thing to be able to appreciate Chinese culture, traditional dance, and music."

He also enjoyed the music. He thought the combination of Chinese and Western instruments was impressive. With regard to the songs, the couple said that they appreciated the subtitles, as this helped them understand the content of the songs.

The true story of imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners is heartbreaking

When asked which piece impressed her the most, Mrs. Booksdein said, "That true story about Falun Gong [practitioners] being imprisoned. Actually, I was heartbroken and felt very sad. I have heard about [Falun Gong and the persecution]." Mr. Booksdein continued his wife's comment, saying, "People should be told of the issue about Falun Gong in China."

Mrs. Booksdein said that she had learned from the DPA show promoters that there would be something about Falun Gong in the show, and that was why she had bought the tickets. She said she supports the DPA's mission, which is to carry forward and restore China's lost traditional culture.

Another audience member, Mr. Guo, said that his favorite program was the one with the little girl (referring to "Persecuted on a Sacred Path"). He said he could understand the meanings conveyed in the songs and commented, "It's a wonderful show. I enjoyed it, of course. I hope everybody in this country will have a chance to see it."

DPA conveys "humanity, kindness, and courage," which is really great

Tim Siemon is a supervisor for a small consulting company in Chicago. He brought his entire family to the show. He said that he sensed different messages from the show. "In today's performance, regardless of so-called religious belief in modern Chinese society, or traditional religious beliefs of other ethnic groups, or even beliefs in even ancient times, each performance gave me a different message."

His wife and daughter praised the show. "The show is really fantastic! A wonderful realm." What impressed them particularly were the show's messages. Mrs. Siemon said, "The entire show conveyed humanity, kindness, and courage. It's very nice, really great."

Mr. Siemon thought the entire presentation was "awesome." In his opinion, the dancers' exquisite performances got the messages across clearly.

He also thought it was a great idea to impart the messages through song. He said that he believed the singers' voices could be heard even a great ways away.