(Clearwisdom.net) Shi Dacheng is from a rural area in Shandong Province. He is an honest person of few words. According to his mother, he is too honest, so he needed to find a smart and talkative wife. He wife, Qiaoling, is indeed very smart and easy-going, and they have had a happy life together.

In spring 1999, Qiaoling started practicing Falun Gong. Although Dacheng didn't practice, he helped practitioners promote Dafa with his three-wheeled farm tractor whenever they needed him. When they watched Teacher's lectures, Dacheng sat at the edge of the group. Sometimes he would watch a little, but most of the time he waited in his tractor. He smiled when Qiaoling taught the exercises to others.

One time Dacheng needed to take a load of steel pipe to a construction site. When he drove past his village, he took one pipe out of his load and left it at Fugui's home. Back on his tractor, it would not start, and he had also strained his back and couldn't move. He called Qiaoling and told her about it.

Qiaoling came, and Dacheng told her, "I can't work now. I strained my back, and I can't move. I just left one pipe at Fugui's home. You take it home--we might need it later."

Qiaoling said, "How can you steal things from others? It seems that Teacher is watching over you. Confess to Teacher and maybe your back will be fine." Dacheng listened to her and said, "Teacher Li, I am wrong. I will return the steel pipe. I will never take things from others again." As he finished, his back recovered.

One time he took wheat to a flour factory. After loading Dacheng's tractor, the man in charge of the wheat office said, "We only have a few bags left and it isn't worthwhile to make another trip. You might as well take all of them now." Dacheng was very concerned because, with all the bumps and holes in the road, he feared his load wouldn't stay on his tractor. Sure enough, several bags of wheat fell off. Dacheng was frightened because there was a luxury car next to his tractor. How could he ever afford to pay if the car was damaged?

Dacheng got off his tractor and saw that the bag closest to the car had fallen right next to the bumper, so there was no damage. Passersby came to see what had happened. Dacheng was very clear in his heart that Teacher was watching over him. He repeatedly said in his heart, "Thank you, Teacher Li. Thank you."

When the persecution started, Dacheng said to Qiaoling, "Falun Gong is so good. You can't give it up."

Later Qiaoling bought a computer and printer and started making leaflets and flyers that explained the truth about Falun Gong. Dacheng sometimes helped her to fold the materials and put them in plastic bags. In the evening, he drove his tractor. Several practitioners sat in his tractor as they went to different places to distribute the materials. No matter how far they went and how late they came home, Dacheng never complained.

Several years ago, Dacheng bought another car and often delivered tofu to a factory. One time when he finished unloading, the cashier at the factory gave him five hundred extra yuan by mistake. He told the cashier, "You made a mistake." The cashier said, "No, I counted twice. There is no way I would shortchange you." Dacheng said, "You should have given me 31,000 yuan but you gave me 31,500 yuan instead. You gave me 500 yuan extra." The cashier was in shock and said, "You are so nice." Dacheng said honestly, "My wife practices Falun Gong. My whole family knows to be kind and nice." Everyone in the room smiled.

Fugui was there and he was very upset that Dacheng missed the chance to make extra money. When they were having lunch, Fugui shouted at him, "Shi Dacheng, you are too honest. He gave us extra money. It isn't that we steal from him. If you don't want it, you can give it to me to buy some drinks. You simply wasted a good chance. You are such a stubborn and silly person."

Dacheng said, "The money is not ours. We can't take it. If you want to drink, OK, it is my treat."

From then on Fugui became even closer to Dacheng, because he knew that Dacheng was truly an honest person.

Because his boss trusted Dacheng, sometimes he asked him to take the cash home for him. One time, Dacheng was on his way home with over 100,000 yuan. As soon as he left the factory, he noticed a car following him. When he sped up, the other car sped up. When the car finally caught up with him, several people got out and tried to jump into Dacheng's car. He braked suddenly. They were frightened and jumped out of the way. Dacheng suddenly turned left and made a quick U-turn, then sped back to the factory.

Later when he told Qiaoling about it, he said, "Teacher was protecting me. The road was narrow. How could I possibly have made a quick U-turn. If it were not for Teacher's protection, I could have lost my life as well as the money."

Dacheng often transported goods together with several drivers from the neighboring village. As they started out, Fugui would say, "Dacheng, you always drive safely. You lead the way." Dacheng would take the lead.

There are many inspection stops along the way. The police use inspections as an excuse to extort money. For some reason, they never stopped Dacheng's car but checked all the other cars. Fugui would say, "Dacheng, you are kind. You drive last." Dacheng then became the tail-end driver. However, again his car was never checked.

The other drivers thought it very strange and said, "Dacheng, you drive in the middle so you can spread some fortune to us." Dacheng said, "I'll do whatever you tell me to do." He then drove in the middle. Strangely, the police stopped all the other cars but skipped Dacheng's car as if they couldn't see it.

When they ate together, Fugui asked, "Dacheng, tell us what you did. Why do they never check you?" Dacheng said, "I didn't do anything. I only know that I need to be a good person." Yundong said, "We all know how to be good. We are not bad people either." Fugui said, "I believe you. You are truly a good person. You refused to take the 500 yuan extra money. I couldn't do that. It is true that Heaven protects the good people."

Yundong asked, "Is there a standard to be a good person?" Dacheng said, "Yes, it is the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Fugui said, "No wonder all Falun Gong practitioners are good people. Even their families become good people. I will ask my wife to practice Falun Gong!"