"Many People Are Quiting the CCP Now"

Recently I went back to my hometown and heard a story. Xiao San, who lived in one of the villages there, had a brother who worked in a nearby city and was in charge of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) membership. One day, several village residents were talking about joining the CCP. Xiao San said, "Right now, not many people want to join the CCP. In fact, many people want to quit it. When my brother came back the other day, he told me, 'Many people in my workplace came to me to quit the Party. There was no policy from above asking us to quit the CCP. I don't know where they heard about it, but I dared not help them quit the CCP. As a result, these past few days I have not dared to go to work.'"

I was very happy when I heard that. Many people have learned the truth and want to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations even though they don't know how to do it. We now know we need to distribute more truth-clarification materials and tell people how to quit the CCP.

A Dialog between Li Dabing and His Boss

Li Dabing (pseudonym) works a in government agency. Soon after the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, he was looking for the book but couldn't find it. Later he went online and downloaded a copy from the Internet. After reading it, he understood the evil nature of the CCP, and went online to declare that he was quitting the CCP.

Recently, when the Olympic Torch came to my city, all the government agencies were asked to prepare for it. In Li Dabing's workplace, each office needed to name someone with good political performance to participate. What follows was the dialog between Li Dabing and his boss:

Boss: Do you want to participate in the Olympic Torch?

Dabing: No.

Boss: Why?

Dabing: I am not interested in such things.

Boss: You know, many people would love to have this opportunity and won't ever get it. One has to be a CCP member to qualify for it. You have the chance, but you don't want to go...

Dabing: What if the Torch stopped burning, who would be responsible?

Boss: It's all right for you not to go. Stop cursing and I will look for someone else.

Later, Li Dabing told me that the CCP was trying to use the Olympics to show itself off. It was all superficial things.