(Clearwisdom.net) One morning about two weeks ago, a colleague who had not believed in the existence of gods in the past came to me and said, "Last night I saw white light emanating from the booklet you gave me earlier." I told her, "This was reminding you to learn the truth. Gods did that to help you."

About two years ago I gave her the truth-clarification booklet and asked her several times to read it. But every time, she said she was farsighted and did not read it. She also read Zhuan Falun, but she did not believe in the extraordinary nature of Dafa and put the book away.

Through this experience, my colleague started to read Zhuan Falun again. So far she has read it three times, and said she would read it more.

Dear fellow practitioners, when encountering skepticism and disbelief, please do not give up. Please do provide more opportunities to people. Gradually things will change and they will come to know the truth. Let us all be more diligent, and save more people more quickly. Let Dafa rectify everything sooner and let the evil be eliminated sooner. In this way, we can return with Teacher sooner.

July 5, 2008