(Clearwisdom.net) Many Dafa practitioners have been illegally arrested or detained all over Mainland China. In order to mitigate the persecution and to help practitioners get out of prisons, forced labor camps, detention centers, concentration camps, or brainwashing centers as soon as possible, practitioners everywhere (including overseas) have used many different methods to rescue the practitioners being persecuted. Several unexpected and extraordinary miracles have occurred as a result.

As they have gone about their rescue efforts, practitioners have shown compassion, tolerance, and forbearance, and patiently continued to explain the facts about the persecution. People's consciences have been awakened and they have started to promote justice for Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Practitioners have shown that they can put down selfishness and take the moral high ground for other people's sakes. Practitioners, with their pure hearts, have sent forth strong righteous thoughts and disintegrated the evil in other dimensions that manipulated people to harm practitioners.

As a result, many police officers and others that assisted in persecuting practitioners have abandoned their evil ways, corrected their wrongdoings and behaved righteously, making their futures bright and new. Practitioners have stopped the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from further persecuting and repressing practitioners by exposing the Party's evil brutalities. This exposure frightened the evil as well, thus lessening the persecution efforts of the CCP and all agencies under its control-- the armed forces, police, spies, and "610 Offices." More people have thereby come to know the truth and be saved. In this process, practitioners have fully rejected the arrangements of the old forces, while continuously improving their understanding of the Fa and walking toward maturity. It has shown how deeply practitioners believe in Teacher and the Fa. The divine power of the Buddha Fa that Teacher has generously given to practitioners has played a tremendous role in eliminating the evil and eliminating chaos after practitioners improved their xinxing.

However, some practitioners do not see the true essence of the persecution from the perspective of Fa-rectification cultivation when their practitioner family members are persecuted. They have had incorrect understandings about rescuing their family practitioners and have treated this persecution as people persecuting people. They have behaved as non-practitioners, spending huge sums of money in hopes of getting their family members released. In fact, they treated this sacred event of rescuing fellow practitioners--family members or not--as an ordinary people's event. Has it occurred to them that they are tarnishing Dafa, that they are being irresponsible in these actions and thoughts?

Throughout human history, the stories told about gods have assured us that they are wise and have great abilities and supernatural powers. The stories tell about gods and buddhas blessing and loving people, and keeping people in dangerous situations safe. The stories do not tell of gods seeking help from people to escape danger. Therefore, if we treat this persecution as people persecuting people, and use ordinary abilities and ordinary methods to try to rescue persecuted practitioners, we will fall into the trap of the old force arrangements. Losses to Dafa and shame to our loved ones' cultivation paths will ensue.

I believe that when we have this thought of going to ordinary people or using money to resolve the issue, we fall to the realm of ordinary people. Lord Buddha's practitioners have been given the divine power of Buddha Fa to disintegrate all evil, and we also have help from Teacher's fashen and other deities. Can we not rescue fellow practitioners just with enough righteous thoughts? Why do we instead use ordinary means to rescue gods? Isn't this confusing cause and effect?

When practitioners that are our friends or family members are persecuted, we first should ask for Teacher's help and look inward ourselves. We can then disintegrate the evil forces persecuting them with pure hearts by sending forth strong righteous thoughts. In the ordinary world, detained practitioners cannot be detained by evildoers; practitioners are to be released unconditionally. This is the best way to rescue fellow practitioners.

Regardless of what we face, righteous thoughts will help us. This relates to our cultivation levels and whether we believe in Teacher and the Fa fundamentally. We have experienced nine years of ups and downs, and we are constantly reminded that time is short. Hence, we should be more sensible and clear-minded. At this critical moment, we must not walk on other people's paths. Instead, we should catch up and walk the path to divinity.