(Clearwisdom.net) I read recently that a fellow practitioner's child developed a rare disease at the age of 4. This happened in May 2002. The child has now been taking medicine for three years, but the illness continues with no signs of improvement. She had not taught the child to practice Falun Gong because she was afraid it would require too much energy.

Every one of us came for the Fa. Teacher told us in the Fa that children follow the example set by adults, especially children under 6. So how should we treat children? If we treat a child as a practitioner, then we must hold him to the standards of a practitioner at all times. If we treat him as a non-practitioner, then the child is a non-practitioner. I enlightened to this when my own son came down with a fever. I feel I should share my experience to help other practitioners who also have young children.

When my child was just 6 months old, he suddenly came down with a fever of 37 degrees. The fever continued to rise. I thought it was normal for a 6 month old child to get sick, and my child must have been no exception. So I took him to the hospital for a check up. The blood test was normal, but the doctor still prescribed some medication that was delivered through an intravenous drip. When he took the medication, he would begin to sweat and his whole body trembled. I wanted to stop giving him medication, but the doctor disagreed, so I did not insist. He was all right when we got home at noon, but by 2 p.m. he had a fever of 42! I was so scared that I cried and asked Teacher for help. Anyways, all my attachments came out, and I forgot that I am a practitioner.

Since Western medicine wasn't working, I took my son to a Chinese medical hospital. I was sending forth righteous thoughts for him, but it was no use. What was the matter? Where was my problem? When I spoke to my sister about it, I told her I was afraid my son would become very sick. I immediately realized my attachment. I feared his sickness and I had the attachment of sentimentality, human notions I must get rid of at once!

Half an hour after I went home, my child's temperature was back down to normal. I knew it was not due to treatment by Chinese medicine, but because I found my attachment, and abandoned it. Teacher helped my child. I experienced what Teacher said "Remove Your Human Thoughts and Evil Will Naturally Die Out" (Hong Yin II). Since then, I began to treat my child as a genuine, young Falun Dafa practitioner, and always hold him to the standards of a practitioner. My child is very healthy now! Whenever I send forth righteous thoughts and study the Fa, I ask him to join me.