(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Lu Jun, aged 39, from Heilongjiang Province, was forced to leave home and go from place to place for five years. He was not even able to see his mom one last time before she passed away. Now there is only his elderly father left at home. Even so, the police still go to harass the father every day, trying to trick him into revealing Lu Jun's whereabouts.

Lu Jun used to be an employee at the Laozuoshan Gold Mine in Qitaihe City, where he was the director of the Security Office. His colleagues all knew him to be a good man.

However, after July 1999, when the CCP began to persecute Falun Gong, Lu Jun was twice unlawfully arrested and subjected to violent beatings. As a form of torture, he was shocked all over his body with three electric batons simultaneously, until the batteries finally ran out. Lu Jun has suffered extreme mental torment and physical torture. On March 3, 2004, Lu Jun was unlawfully detained for the first time at the Beixing Farm Detention Center and the Hongxinglong Management Bureau Detention Center. He was released three months later, after 2,000 yuan was extorted from his family. In November 2004, he was again illegally detained at Jiansanjiang Law Training Center (which is in fact part of the brainwashing center in Qixing). He managed to escape 29 days later, and was forced to leave his home. To this day he travels around, homeless.

On March 13, 2004, at around 2:00 p.m., Lu Jun was taking a nap at home. Suddenly he heard someone calling his name. He woke up and saw his room was crowded with police officers, including Lu Ziting, head of the Beixing Police Department; Zhu Fengying, deputy head of the Beixing Police Department; Li Hui, head of the Beixing Central Police Station; policemen Zhao Yingguang and Zhao Wenkai; a police photographer; and others from the gold mine's police station, including Shi Lixin. The police did not ask him any questions, but started to search his home. They forcibly took away Lu Jun's Falun Gong exercise tapes, and even took his shoes and trousers. Lu Jun's parents asked the police why they were doing this, but they would not answer. They simply took Lu Jun away to the gold mine's police station.

At the police station, Lu Jun was guarded by policemen Shi Lixin and Lu Jiudong. Later, Deputy Head Zhu Fengying of the Beixing Police Department told Lu Jun to put his thumbprint on a document. Lu Jun said, "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa. It is not an offence to be truthful and to be a good person." Zhu Fengying then instructed police officers Li Hui, Zhao Yingguang, Zhao Wenkai and the police photographer to beat Lu Jun. Zhao Yingguang was the most vicious. He slapped Lu Jun in the face, hit him in the eyes and head and kicked him in the abdomen. Lu Jun asked them, "I have done nothing wrong. Why are you hitting me?" The police ignored his protest and instead beat him even more viciously. They beat Lu Jun to the ground and then stomped on his head with their leather shoes. Then they twisted his hands around to his back and put them in handcuffs, and put his feet in shackles. Then they stood on his feet and ripped opened his clothes to torture him. They hit him in the face and on the head. Later, they forcibly took his thumbprint and that same night they transferred him to Beixing Detention Center.

Seventeen days later, on March 29, when the police saw that Lu Jun's injuries were healed, they transferred him to the detention center at the Hongxinglong Management Bureau, where he was locked up with hardened death row criminals, murderers and rapists. Thirty days later, on April 29, the police secretly transferred Lu Jun to Beixing Detention Center, without notifying his family or following any legal procedure. Deputy Head Zhu Fengying of the Beixing Police Department also threatened to send him to the brainwashing center to be forcibly "transformed". Zhu said, "We don't have to follow any laws to deal with you. No one will be blamed if we beat you to death."

Feeling he had no other options, Lu Jun started a hunger strike to protest the persecution. On the third day, Zhu Fengying and others came to try to force Lu Jun to eat. On the fifth day, the head of the police department, Lu Ziting, and Political Commissar Ma also came to threaten Lu Jun with force-feeding. They said, "In dealing with you Falun Gong, we don't have to follow any laws. There will be no repercusions for us if we beat you to death, and we can lock you up as long as we like. Aren't you afraid?"

Lu Jun went on hunger strike for 6 days. The authorities at the Beixing Police Department became worried that he might die, so they tried to extort 5,000 yuan from his elderly parents. Because his parents did not have that much money, in the end, Zhu Fengying settled for 2,000 yuan. On June 1, Lu Jun was released and allowed to go home.

On November 14, 2004, policemen Zheng Dabo and Chen Fuquan from Laozuoshan Gold Mine Police Station tricked Lu Jun into going to the Political and Judiciary Committee of the police station. Qin Yuanfu lied to Lu Jun's parents by saying, "We are just going to ask him some questions, and that is all." But when he arrived there, Lu Jun was arrested by Wang, Head of the Police Department, and policemen Zheng Dabo and Chen Fuquan, without any legal procedure. He was taken to the Qixing Farm Brainwashing Center of the Jainsanjiang Management Bureau, (which is openly known as Heilongjiang Law Training Center and is linked with the detention center) to be forcibly brainwashed. The gold mine where he once worked also paid the brainwashing center 10,000 yuan for Lu Jun's one-year detention.

Lu Jun managed to escape in December that year, and has been leading a homeless life ever since. He could not go home to see his elderly parents. During these years, the Beixing Farm Police Station and Laozuoshan Gold Mine Police Station have often unlawfully monitored his family and have harassed his family members. They have also sent police to secretly monitor and harass his relatives in Beijing, Suzhou, Qitaihe, Baoqing and Shandong, in an attempt to find and arrest Lu Jun. His elderly mom was so worried about him that she could not eat or sleep, and she was in tears every day. All of this anxiety over her son took it's toll on the health of the nearly 70-year-old lady. She developed breast cancer and passed away, without even being able to see her son one last time.

August 22, 2008