(Clearwisdom.net) On August 8, the Chinese Communist Party used the Olympic Games to strengthen its dictatorial rule. As I did the exercises that nigh, I saw through my celestial eye that this was a gathering of rotten ghosts and low-level spirits. Some of them were physically attached to human bodies, and some of them were celebrating. They could not see that in the sky, there were innumerable Buddhas, gods and Taos in the form of Dafa disciples, sending forth righteous thoughts together, each striking at the evil.

Then, I saw our benevolent Master appear from the apex of the colossal firmament. Innumerable divine beings knelt and gathered to pay their respect. I saw our merciful Teacher's extensive compassion towards all sentient beings. Master looked at the sentient beings below him with tears of mercy rolling down his face. Heaving a deep sigh, he cast down a big shroud to cover the evil. The evil beings could not get out, but they did not disintegrate immediately. Master said that he wanted to wait a little longer because a lot of beings there had predestined relationships with Dafa. Master did not want them to miss the opportunity. The innumerable divine beings all shed tears of gratitude for Buddha's enormous grace and mercy in providing yet another opportunity.

The above is what I saw with my celestial eye, and I am writing this down because I have observed that recently a lot of fellow practitioners, including myself, have developed an attachment toward the Olympic Games. Even though we had plenty of time to study the Fa during summer vacation, we were wasting valuable time, oblivious to the opportunity afforded to cultivate diligently and save more sentient beings. We were numb towards many things, and we did not have the heart of compassion to save others; we only wanted to save ourselves. Actually we all knew that Master has extended the time to give us the opportunity to save more sentient beings, as well as to wait for those not cultivating as diligently to catch up. In the lecture "Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles", Master said

"What I was just talking about was to tell you that no matter how long of a tumultuous time you have been through, or how much longer is required, you can't be attached to time. The more rampant the evil is, the more it bears out the Dafa disciples' mighty virtue in saving all beings; and the more critical the moment, the more it bears out the Dafa disciples' magnificence."

Fellow practitioners, let us cultivate diligently together, perform the duties that Dafa disciples should perform. Let us clarify the truth, save sentient beings, and cherish this opportunity provided by Master's compassion.