(Clearwisdom.net) As the Olympic Games approached, officials with the Education System of Mancheng County in Baoding City, Hebei Province, deceived many teachers about an increased wage and illegally seized their identity cards. Their goal was to prevent the teachers from leaving town arbitrarily.

After Jiang Zemin and his regime started to persecute Falun Gong in July 1999, some of the faculty in the Education System of Mancheng County, under the leadership of Ran Dongrui, used their power to participate in the persecution in order to keep their posts. They have poisoned many of the teachers and students against Falun Gong, which teaches the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. Since 2001, the Department of Education assigned special agents to monitor practitioners in their homes and tapped their phones. During the holidays, they would pretend to "visit" them at home. To restrict their personal freedom, these special agents make practitioners work overtime, and coerce their families into "looking after" them.

From July 1999 to 2002, the county educators required all the teachers and students to repeatedly write negative essays and slogans criticizing Falun Gong. All the teachers and students were told to signs their name on a "Guarantee Statement" not to participate in any Falun Gong activities. Some of the teachers in the education department that had learned about the practice before the persecution started were forced to write "I won't practice Falun Gong" on the Guarantee Statement. The Department of Education organized all the students to view photo exhibits or movies that slandered Falun Gong. They also set up assemblies in which students were ordered to make speeches denouncing Falun Gong based on distorted facts. The students were forced to sign their names on a banner that read, "Uphold science. Reject Falun Gong." At such young ages, the seeds of hatred and terror were planted in their hearts.

Mr. Zhang Yanwu was illegally sent to the labor camp for one year for not giving up the practice. Upon his release from the labor camp, he appealed to the Department of Education to restore his job. He was threatened by Secretary Li Wenan, who told him, "If you dare to come back again, I will lock you up." Ms. Zhang Yumei founded two kindergartens after she was laid off. When she didn't give up the practice of Falun Gong, she was sent to the labor camp for four years. Her kindergarten students were forced to disband. The persecution has caused great suffering and extreme pain and pressure for practitioners' families.

A practitioner was deceived by her supervisor into attending a meeting at work. Instead of going to the conference room, the practitioner was called into his office. She was met by Zhao Yuxia and Zhang Zhenyue, two police agents from the Public Security Bureau. They threatened to send her to the brainwashing center and ordered her to sign a Repentance Statement. When she refused, the police searched her office desk and took her to the police station.

The Commissioner of the Education Department and about seven or eight school leaders went to practitioners' homes and forced them to write statements renouncing the practice. The school leaders would often lie to the practitioners about "someone," such as 610 Office personnel, looking for them. The practitioners were deceived into going to the brainwashing center to undergo "transformation." The practitioners were pressured to show they had given up the practice by signing a statement renouncing Falun Gong. Those who signed were released; those who refused were sent to the detention center for further persecution. If they weren't "transformed," they were sent to the labor camp.

One practitioner's wages totaling several hundred yuan were used by the principal to entertain the Commissioner of the Department of Education. Her wages were taken away without anyone's approval.

Another practitioner was illegally sent to the labor camp in 2001 and 2002. When her term in the labor camp expired, she was taken directly to a brainwashing facility. Ran Dongrui, the Commissioner of the Department of Education, took her to the Zhuozhou Brainwashing Center in Baoding County before she could return home. The school administrators, the Public Security Bureau personnel, Zhao Yuxi, and 610 Office staffer Zhang Xuebing cooperated with the brainwashing center. They worked hard to "transform" her. They slapped her face and beat her with a belt and a plastic rod. As a result, her face became disfigured, and her teeth were loosened. There were bruises all over her. They didn't allow her to sleep for three days straight. As soon as she closed her eyes, they would awaken her. During six months of torture, the school sent people in shifts to monitor her. They coerced her to renounce her faith. They handcuffed her to the bed railing so she couldn't roll over. After she was persecuted almost to death, she was taken home due to the persistent demands of her family. During the one and half years she was incarcerated, the Department of Education illegally seized her wages totaling over 10,000 yuan. Her money has not been returned yet.