(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Ma Kaihua, a Falun Gong practitioner from Beicaokou, Renqiu City, Hebei Province, is 53 years old. He is well-known in his village as a good person. He is a professional interior decorator. He charges low prices and provides high quality services for houses he decorates, and everybody in the local area knows about him. Nevertheless, during the Beijing Olympics, he was cruelly persecuted by Chinese Communist Party police.

In the afternoon on August 7, 2008, a plainclothes police officer went to Ma Kaihua's home claiming that he wanted Mr. Ma to decorate his house. When he confirmed that it was Mr. Ma's home, he made a phone call. Three policemen led by Ren Yuefeng, the head of Chu'an Town Police Station in Renqiu City, soon arrived at Mr. Ma's home in a police vehicle and searched the premises without presenting any legal papers. They turned his house upside-down and in the end, they robbed him of an MP3 player.

On the morning of August 8, about 50 people from Chu'an Town Police Station, Chu'an Town Public Security Bureau, Qingta Police Station in Renqiu City, and the Renqiu City Violence-Prevention Group came in four or five police vehicles and surrounded Ma Kaihua's house. Officers climbed over the wall with a rope ladder and came inside. They climbed up to the top of the house and surrounded Mr. Ma, who was sleeping on the roof. A gang of policemen attacked him. They violently beat him with sticks and rubber batons and shocked him with high voltage electric batons. Even after Mr. Ma passed out, the police would not stop. They continued to beat him until he fell off the roof, which was six or seven meters high. The ground was cement and square bricks, and Mr. Ma was unconscious after the fall.

Even though he was unconscious, the police still handcuffed him. They locked the handcuffs so tightly that they pressed into his flesh. A few officers lifted him up, threw him into a car, and drove him away. Seeing that he remained unconscious, they brought him to Renqiu City Forensic Hospital at about 2:00 a.m. The CT exam showed: "right temple epidural hematoma; left temple subdural hematoma; right temple fracture; subarachnoid space bleeding." This, together with prolonged bleeding from an injury to his right ear, made his condition extremely serious, and Renqiu City Forensic Hospital refused to admit him.

At 3:30 a.m., the police brought Ma Kaihua, who was still unconscious, to Huabei Oil Field General Hospital. The exam in this hospital also showed right temple epidural hematoma, left temple subdural hematoma, right temple fracture, and subarachnoid space bleeding. They also diagnosed a severe cerebral contusion injury and multiple soft tissue injuries, as well as a right collarbone fracture and a T9 compressed fracture.

At 4:00 a.m. the same day, Liu, the deputy Party secretary of Chu'an Town government; the Party secretary of Beicaokou Village; and two police officers went to Ma Kaihua's home and told his wife to come with them. They brought her to Renqiu City Public Security Bureau. A policeman in the public security bureau, who announced himself to be President Wang, said, "The things found in your home was enough to put your husband into a forced labor camp. Now he is in the hospital. You may go see him." Ma Kaihua's wife asked, "How is he?" The police answered, "No problem right now. Go take a look."

When Mr. Ma's wife got to the hospital, it was as if those in Ma Kaihua's medical ward were facing a great enemy. A dozen police were walking back and forth in the corridor, keeping their eyes on the ward. The doctor was treating Ma Kaihua's wounds. The injury to his right ear alone was sewn together with a dozen stitches! Seeing her husband's condition, her mind reeled. The doctor told her that her husband was in critical condition and had her sign the notice of critical condition.

After being unconscious for almost 18 hours, Ma Kaihua gradually came to. Three days later, he was still in serious condition. The hospital urged his family to pay the medical expenses, but his family could not afford to.

Ma Kaihua was purposefully and maliciously harmed, and the police station should pay his medical expenses. Mr. Ma's wife went to the Appeals Office of the Public Security Bureau and Renqiu City Appeals Office to sue over the policemen's wrongful acts.

Fifteen days later, even though Mr. Ma had not fully recovered from his injuries, the hospital administrators urged him to go home. A patient in the same ward told him that he should not leave the hospital, because none of the recently admitted patients was in more serious condition than he was and that he should demand that the police pay for his medical treatment. Ma Kaihua's wife asked that he be allowed to stay in the hospital to get treatment as well as compensation from Chu'an Police Station. Her request was immediately turned down by the police, and Ma Kaihua was formally discharged on August 22.

To keep the news of his situation quiet, two policemen stood watch over him every day during his stay in the hospital. Since returning home, Ma Kaihua has had great difficulty speaking, eating, and sleeping. He is suffering extreme anguish. The police threatened his family not to release any information about him to the outside. Plainclothes police monitor his house every day.

Mr. Ma's current situation is very difficult, and he is still being persecuted. We ask righteous people inside and outside of China to provide legal and moral help for Ma Kaihua. Thank you sincerely.

People who are responsible for persecuting Mr. Ma:

Ren Yuefeng, the head of Chu'an Town Police Station: 86-13930780100(Cell), 86-13930780110(Cell), 86-317-3337848(Office)
Zong Shengwu, the head of Qingta Police Station: 86-13903174000(Cell), 86-317-3337840(Office)
Liu Jianhui, the head of Chu'an Town Public Security Bureau: 86-13315787200 (Cell), 86-317-3337825(Office)
Li Aimin, the head of Renqiu City Violence-prevention Group: 86-13903278887(Cell)
Kong Fanmao, the head of National Security Group, Renqiu City Public Security Bureau: 86-13315787008(Cell), 86-317-3337589(Office)
Cui Hongzhuang, the head of Renqiu City 610 Office: 86-13603276158(Cell)

September 14, 2008