(Clearwisdom.net) I felt heavy-hearted and pained after hearing that practitioner Ms. Zhang Yueqin had been tortured on a Death Bed at Tangshan First Detention Center in Hebei Province.

How should we handle things when we hear that practitioners have been tortured? Immediately after the police seized her, practitioners expressed different views, such as: "She was so self-centered and didn't accept other practitioners' criticism. Now she has encountered troubles." There were also other opinions. She had an attachment that we assume resulted in her arrest and let the old forces persecute her. Master is rectifying the Fa, and as long as the practitioner still cultivates, her incorrect disposition will eventually be made right. We should not feel helpless or complain about her. We must believe that everything can be rectified.

We should never acknowledge the old forces' persecution. We should send our mighty righteous thoughts to disintegrate the evil that persecutes practitioners and help them. We should only acknowledge Master's choice of having practitioners shine like gold. Why shouldn't we practitioners send positive messages for our fellow practitioners?

When a practitioner experiences a tribulation, we should use our divine powers to stop the persecution, rescue the detained practitioner, and bring him or her home.

I know a practitioner whose husband was illegally arrested. The practitioner first searched within herself and found that the evil had exploited her loophole of holding grudges toward her husband and creating conflicts with other practitioners. She first corrected her state of mind by letting go of her ego in examining the conflicts she had with the other practitioners, and asked them to help send righteous thoughts. They sent righteous thoughts frequently. A little more than a month later, she thought that she should ask two of her relatives that had worked with her husband go to the detention center to ask for her husband's release. When they went, he was indeed released.

Let us send our mighty righteous thoughts and use our divine powers to rescue practitioners still in detention.