(Clearwisdom.net) The Dalian Reformatory of Liaoning Province is notoriously known internationally

for persecuting kind hearted, innocent Falun Gong practitioners. To cover up its notorious crimes, the institutional name was changed to "Dalian Correctional Institute." There was basically no change in its purpose, and fifteen Falun Gong practitioners still remain imprisoned inside. Forced brainwashing is conducted to attempt to make the practitioners renounce their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. These innocent, good people were portrayed as "deceitful-evil-struggling," without human nature, and "evil persons." This actually reflects the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime. The authorities knew all along that the reformatory's existence is illegal, is internationally scorned, and violates human rights. The name change was concocted to decieve the international community and to cover-up their crimes, since enslavement, beatings, scoldings, torture and inhuman treatment still continue there.

The former Eighth Production Division was renamed "The Second Correctional Division," solely for the purpose of a cover up. Up until August of 2008, there were fifteen Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned there. The prisoners included Zhu Chenggan, Yuan Yizhi, Liu Dalian, Li Guanghe, Yang Jicheng, Li Deqing, Wang Ke, Wang Min, Zhao Tao, Jiang Yihou, Bi Kefu, Wang Zhongliang, Zhang Lianwen, Zhao Wenjia and one other Falun Gong practitioner from Lushun City whose name is not known.

Among these practitioners, Zhang Lianwen, Zhao Wenjia and the other Lushun Falun Gong practitioners were confined inside an individual, tiny prison cell, placed under 24-hour surveillance, and isolated from other people with no one being allowed to speak to them. All these punishments were meted out because of their refusal to succumb to enslavement.

In early May, Dafa disciple Wang Zhongliang was brutally stabbed by the prison guard Han Wei in the area of the ear for singing his favorite song. Later, because of the beating, Wang experienced headaches and bodily discomfort, and he could not eat anything. The Second Production brigade prison guard took it to be a fasting protest. At the medical exam when Wang mentioned the beating, he was hastily dismissed from the hospital. Upon returning to the reformatory, they put him on an I.V. When Wang refused, prison guard Wang Shiwei shocked Mr. Wang with an electric baton, force fed him, and later tied him to a tiger bench for seven days. Mr. Wang's legs became swollen with serious edema.

Mr. Wang's requests to get a medical examination at the hospital were ignored. As of August, his body was deteriorating because of the torture and inhuman prison treatment. Currently, because of the news blockade from the prison, it is difficult to get an assessment of his current physical status. This has made us extremely worried.

Division Chief Dong Geqi
Deputy Division Chief Wang Shiwei (this person is very evil, already on the evil person's list, managed to maintain this pitiful title through the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners)
Han Wei: team leader (always looking for a promotion opportunity)
Dalian Reformatory, currently the name was changed to "Dalian Correctional Institute:" 86-411-39522883
The Former Eighth Division renamed as the "Second Correctional Division:" 86-411-39522883 Ext.8026