(Clearwisdom.net) In 2001, Ms. Qi's entire family was arrested in Shanghai. Their child had just turned two when the couple was sentenced to three years of forced labor. Mr. Liu Yongwang, Ms. Qi Shuying's husband, was imprisoned in the Baoding Forced Labor Camp in December 2001. After his left leg became crippled due to police brutality, he was taken to the Tangshan Forced Labor Camp. In early May 2004, he was diagnosed with nerve damage in two limbs, and he was released in June 2004 on bail for medical treatment. In August 2005, Mr. Liu was once again arrested, this time at his workplace, by officials with the Beijing Domestic Security Division. He was illegally sentenced and imprisoned in Jidong Prison in Tangshan City.

Ms. Qi Shuying, a teacher at Baoding Normal College in Hebei Province, barely gets by raising her ten-year-old daughter on her own. Before the Olympics, the CCP stirred up hatred by spreading rumors that practitioners were going to Beijing to disturb and ruin the Olympics, and if "problems" were discovered at a particular work unit, the head of that unit would be fired immediately. Throughout the nine years of persecution, Falun Gong practitioners have never used violence. However, Li Huanqin,CCP Secretary of the Baoding Normal College Department of Public Sports, and Director Xu Xuefeng drove to Ms. Qi's home in Quyang County on August 3 and forcibly took her back to Baoding City while she was still on summer break. On August 4, officers from the Qingnian Street Police Station and Beishi District Police Department violently arrested Ms. Qi. During the arrest, the police pushed Ms. Qi's pregnant niece to the ground, injuring her in the process.

Ms. Qi was detained in the Baoding City Detention Center. Her elderly father-in-law left his wife, who needed his care, at the hospital in order to take his young granddaughter to the college, the Qingnian Street Police Station, the Beishi District Police Department, and the Baoding City Police Department to ask for Ms. Qi's release. The different authorities passed the responsibility back and forth and refused to release Ms. Qi. Her father-in-law went to the college many times to explain the situation to the administration. However, the college's CCP secretary Su Zongyin refused to see any of her family members.

The detention center should have unconditionally released Ms. Qi on August 20. Her father-in-law and daughter arrived to pick her up. However, more than ten people, including Li Huanqin, the Baoding Normal College Department of Health Services director Zhang Qiubo, Qingnian Street Police Station assistant director Wei Jingchuan, and two people from the Beishi District 610 Office were already waiting outside. They forcefully took Ms. Qi away as the child cried. They did not tell her family where they intended to imprison her or for how long. After much inquiring, the family found out that Ms. Qi was at the Baoding City Wool Mill Xiaobailou Brainwashing Center.

On the morning of August 24, 2008, Ms. Qi's father-in-law was outside the Xiaobailou Building with Ms. Qi's daughter. They asked if the child could see her mother, but were flatly turned away.Two people came out and threatened the girl, saying that they would call the police and the 610 Office to arrest her and her grandfather if she continued to cry.

Ms. Qi's husband, Mr. Liu Yongwang, is imprisoned in Jidong Prison in Tangshan City. Ms. Qi's mother-in-law, a farmer, is currently in a hospital. Ms. Qi's father-in-law is 70 years old and has pain in his feet, making it difficult for him to walk. These days, his throat hurts so much that he can't swallow or eat. For 20 days, he has traveled with his granddaughter to see Ms. Qi, enduring threats along the way.

Units and individuals involved in persecuting Ms. Qi:

Ma Xiqian (male, around 46 years old), member of the local 610 Office, director of the brainwashing center at the West Suburbs Baoding City Wool Mill on Xiaobailou (No. 11 Longquan West Street): 86-13032058858 (Cell)
Su Zongyin, Baoding Normal College CCP Deputy Secretary (in charge of Falun Gong affairs): 86-13833288961 (Cell)
Li Huanqin, Baoding Normal College Department of Public Sports CCP secretary: 86-13230600226 (Cell), 86-312-5926996 (Home)
Xu Xuefeng, director of Baoding Normal College Department of Public Sports: 86-13091231059 (Cell), 86-312-2061025
Zhang Qiubo, director of Baoding Normal College Department of Health Services: 86-312-3182716, 86-13933289696 (Cell)