(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of September 25, 2008, the second Mid-Autumn Spectacular show by Divine Performing Arts was held in the John Bassett Theatre at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Fashion designer: The costumes are so beautiful

Well-known fashion designer Liao Jianming

Well-known fashion designer Liao Jianming excitedly said to reporters after watching the show, "Splendid! I am fortunate to watch the show. The dancing and the costumes were so beautiful. I was very moved."

"This show has many different dances and costumes. I was surprised at the detail of the costume design. For stage costumes, generally design and preparation are not so delicate. But the costumes in this show are different. You can see the delicate design even from far away, such as those bright decorative accessories and the color matching." Mr. Liao said, "I am inspired by this show. I am going back now to start work right away. I'll apply the inspiration to my new designs."

Mr. Liao is half Chinese by blood and came to Canada when he was very young. He said, "I don't know much about China's five-thousand-year culture. I believe that the costumes were designed several thousand years ago. But they are still so beautiful today."

What he was most surprised with was the "Mongolian Bowl Dance." He said he could not have imagined that the dancers could exhibit such high skills, "At the beginning, I thought the bowls were attached to their heads. But later they took them off one by one. I realized that I was wrong. It was beyond my imagination."

TV program producer: I'll watch the show again

Ken Gord and his wife Sunil Gupta

TV program producer Ken Gord said to the reporters, "For a good show, I have one rule of thumb. It is whether I can stay in my seat without feeling bored. If so, then the show is successful." He continued, "I'll watch this show again. I'll bring my nephew to watch it. His mother is Chinese so I think he will like the show."

His wife Sunil Gupta said, "This performance is refreshing. The female dancers are beautiful. The music sounded melodious. The message I obtained was peace, love, and human rights, and it is good for people, not only Chinese, but people across the world. I feel this is a message in time. I think the message is clear."