(Clearwisdom.net) All we, as Dafa disciples, are supposed to do, is to look inside, cultivate ourselves, and save sentient beings. We are not attached to anything that happens in human society, we do not rely on any changes in nature or the outside environment, and still less do we expect prophecies and natural disasters to occur. We only rely on our Master and Dafa, and we only intend to save people with Dafa. In saving people, we need to take everyday people's mentality into account and make use of appropriate major changes in nature and human society, as well as natural disasters and prophecies. Only then will we be able to help people understand the truth, accept the truth, and be saved.

I met two elderly men that had been deeply poisoned by the Party culture. They became more closely allied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after the devastating earthquake in Sichuan and tended to believe the CCP's lies more after the Beijing Olympics Games. They got mad at the manufacturers after the poisoned milk powder was exposed in China. I said to them that this was not only the manufacturers' fault, but they chose to believe what the CCP newspapers said. So I read the paper with them and pointed out that Sanlu Group, the milk powder producer, reported to the city government of Shijiazhuang on August 2 about the problem. "It was an incident in which people's lives were at stake. Why did the government do nothing about it?" I asked and then explained, "It was because the government didn't want to ruin its facade during the Beijing Olympics. And now the central government has removed some of the city leaders as their scapegoats." I also pointed to the fact that milk and dairy products for the participants of Beijing Olympics and the Paralympics were not poisoned, whereas those for ordinary Chinese were. That showed it was not a source problem, but it was a problem with the Chinese leaders.

The two men were shaken by these facts. Finding that they were ready to hear more, I cited more examples of the CCP's atrocities, such as fake milk powder, shoddy work leading to large numbers of student deaths in the Sichuan earthquake, and certain incidents that took place during the Beijing Olympics Games. And finally I told them about the CCP's persecution of Dafa practitioners and how heaven would destroy the CCP. I said that there were already more than 40 million Chinese who had quit the communist organizations and that it would protect their lives if they quit. I talked to them three times within two days, and in the end they both agreed to quit the CCP.

Afterwards I realized that it is important to seize the moment to save more people.

September 21, 2008