(Clearwisdom.net) The scandal of the food safety crisis in China triggered by the Sanlu Dairy group's toxic milk powder continues to spread. Tens of thousands of young children have fallen victim to the poison, and more than ten countries, from Tanzania in Africa to Bangladesh in South Asia, are rushing to pull China-made dairy products off shelves; even the popular White Rabbit Creamy Candy has to go.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s mouth-piece media that controls public opinion proclaimed that due to media exposure and the regime's strict, hard-hitting efforts, "[The regime] will definitely be able to overcome such a man-made disaster of the unsafe food." Is the situation truly so optimistic?

There are many aspects to consider. Let me just mention a couple of them. The first factor: there is a "threshold," and the second: there is an "absurdity cycle." The degree of how much the media is allowed to expose and how hard the regime deals with people responsible for this unscrupulous, unethical practice is actually an artful tool in the hands of the CCP. They must keep to a certain level and must not go past the "threshold." They do this so people would not think the problem is so huge that they start to doubt the CCP's governing ability and legitimacy. Nothing should be allowed to shake the Party's ruling status. Therefore, this "threshold" must not be passed, under any circumstances. Once the people turn their attention to the issues of the political system, the legal system's independence, freedom of speech, and the scrutiny of the media, the regime would immediately control the guidance of public opinion. What will be the result in the end? Big issues become small issues, and the responsibility is shifted to some local officials and a few lawless people; if people's emotions boil over, the regime will suspend the leaders of relevant departments, with full pay, and when things have settled down and been quieted, they will transfer these leaders elsewhere to continue their official career. The issues will end up with no definite conclusion.

On the other hand, as for those who produce toxic foods and who are dealt with, do they feel any remorse? It is difficult to say. Perhaps they would think they are unlucky, because this has something to do with the "absurd moral cycle." In today's China, people doing bad things can always find someone to blame who deserves more punishment than themselves, which has resulted in an immoral mindset that it is alright for them to do bad things, too. The head of a bureau who embezzled ten million Yuan would know of the head of a higher administration department who has embezzled one billion Yuan; a county head who has had one mistress would compare his situation to that of the head of the province who has had ten mistresses; those who produce fake medicine and mix poison into food would feel aggrieved at those corrupt officials who have made big money from them; those who steal would justify their action by saying those they steal from have made their ill-gotten wealth in the first place; those who take revenge on society declare that it is society that treated them unfairly in the first place.

Can we break this absurd cycle? It will be very hard to do so. I propose an experiment by finding someone who believes that the food safety issue can be resolved and ask him if he can guarantee that he will from now on never again produce any sham goods, never again tell lies, never again practice bribery or graft and never ask for favors by way of entertaining people and giving gifts. He will say he cannot guarantee these things, because if he does not engage in these things he would find it extremely difficult to survive in such a society. So, this has given those who make toxic products of any kind and sell fake goods a moral footing. If you cannot change, why should they?

You may say we can deal with them one by one as soon as their illegal practice is exposed and make them bankrupt as a deterrent. It won't work. From their point of view, the first individual that should be made bankrupt is the General Secretary of the Communist Party and the members of the Politburo. Nowadays, there is no one who still believes in Communism and people are known to be practicing capitalism, and yet they still wrote the "Four Adherences" into the Constitution and still hold tight onto atheism. Isn't the Politburo the very source of producing fake goods and selling poisons? This is the energy source that keeps the absurd cycle going. The Communist regime is the starting point of this absurd cycle as well as its terminal point. Under the Communist regime's rule, there is no solution for this absurd cycle whatsoever. Someone said that the Chinese people have never been so unlucky as of now in the past five thousand years. Think about it. It is quite true.

In fact, through the incident of "pet food sold in America containing melamine" in March of 2007, overseas media had already exposed the quality issue of goods made in China. The Communist regime, after months of delay and denial, prior to last August launched a large-scale four-months "national special correction effort on quality control and food safety" in 2007 for the sake of the Olympic Games. Across China, from top to bottom, every administration level set up special offices to carry out the special correction work; provincial governors, city mayors and county heads all set out to participate; media exposure and the degree of attack on the lawless people were by no means small or weak. Four months later, a deputy primer minister solemnly declared that the special corrective measures "are accomplished with total success." The fruit of victory is now obvious to everyone: melamine was used earlier to poison the pets of the American people, but now it is used to poison the children of the Chinese people.

It is obvious that as long as the two factors - the "threshold" and the "absurdity cycle" still exist, it is very hard to truly root out food safety problems and other social problems. To get rid of the "threshold" we must first and foremost get rid of the Communist Party; to eliminate the "absurdity cycle" we need to re-establish morals, honesty and trust, which can only be achieved by getting rid of the Communist Party first. Why is that? Isn't it scary that the Chinese people no longer have any morals? Yes, it is, but it is not the scariest part. The scariest part is the CCP forbidding and preventing people from being good, morally upright people. Hasn't the atheistic Party been doing this? The ruling regime persecutes good people who cultivate themselves according to Truthfulness-Compassion- Forbearance and treats them as their biggest enemy. The Communist regime has exhausted national resources to eliminate this group of good people. How can Chinese society root out the morality crisis under such circumstances?

An Internet user wrote, "Make a drink of the milk formula for the Party." When the Communist party is disintegrated, then everything can start to change for the better.