(Clearwisdom.net) In Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, more than 15 Falun Gong practitioners are still "illegally detained." Among them are Zhou Jinpeng, Wang Xiuying, Wan Xiuying, Wang Qi, and Bao Siqingaowa. To avoid persecution, the following practitioners have been moving around in other cities and cannot go home: Fan Xiaoli, Tian Fujin, Liu Xiurong, Tian Fang, Tang Liwen, Yang Fenglan, Xiao Yonghua, Liu Jinghe, Li Xiangyu, Bian Lingyun, and Tian Shuangjiang.

Mr. Zhou Jinpeng was a former employee of the Tongliao Power Plant. In 2004 he was sentenced to seven years in jail. His family lost their only source of income and have been in extreme financial difficulty ever since. For years he has endured all sorts of torture and had not been allowed to have visits from any of his family members. Chifeng Prison, where he is detained now, doesn't allow him to keep any money or belongings.

Ms. Wang Qi, over 30, was a nurse. In August 2007, officers from the Ke District Police Department arrested her when she was distributing Falun Gong flyers. She was detained in the Hexi Detention Center and was later sentenced to two years of forced labor. She is in the Huhhot Women's Forced Labor Camp. She has a five-year-old son.

Mr. Han Naijun was an employee at the Tongliao Railroad. He was arrested on June 28, 2007, and detained in Hexi Detention Center for six months before he was sentenced to three years in jail. He is currently held in the Baoanzhao Prison in Inner Mongolia. His parents are over 80 years old. One is paralyzed and bedridden. The other cries every day for their missing son. Mr. Han also has a son who must soon take the university entrance exams.

Ms. Wan Xiuying is in her 60s. She was arrested on the train from Tongliao to Hailar on December 8, 2006. She was sentenced to two years of forced labor and is currently detained in Tumuji Forced Labor Camp.

Ms. Wang Xiuying is in her 50's. In 2004 she was sentenced to seven years in jail. She is currently in the Huhhot Woman's Prison.

Ms. Bao Siqingaowa is 32 years old. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong while she was still a student at Harbin University. She was not allowed to continue her studies because of what she did. Otherwise she could have finished her degree in another six months. She was sentenced and served one year of forced labor, during which time she endured all sorts of torture. She was nearly sent to a concentration camp where Falun Gong practitioners had their organs removed. In June 2006 she was arrested again. She is now in Tumuji Forced Labor Camp.

Sixty-seven-year-old Ms. Tang Liwen once suffered from cancer. After she practiced Falun Gong, she gradually recovered. She was arrested and her home was searched five times. In January she was arrested again. She has been detained in Hexi Detention Center for eight months. Sources say that she was severely tortured. The Ke District Court intended to put her on trial. Due to her poor health, the trial was re-scheduled to the Hexi Detention Center but never took place.

Since May 2008, ten other practitioners have been arrested and their property has been confiscated. Judicial departments were planning to approve the arrests of the following practitioners for fabricated crimes: Liu Xiurong, Tian Fang, Tian Fujin, Fan Xiaoli, Tang Liwen, Yang Fenglan, Xiao Yonghua, and Liu Jinghe.

Ms. Fan Xiaoli was born on September 12, 1958. She lives in the Ximen Liaison Office in the Kerqin District, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia. She previously suffered from over 30 diseases including bone spurs, rheumatism, neurosis, and bronchitis. After she started to practice Falun Gong, she gradually recovered. She was a former deputy director of the Tongliao City Industrial and Commercial Bank. In October 1999 leaders at her job pressured her to leave her job because she practiced Falun Gong and kept exposing the persecution of Falun Gong. She was illegally sentenced to forced labor twice. She was detained in Hexi Detention Center and Tumuji Forced Labor Camp, where she was severely tortured with violent beatings, electric batons, being hung up, and having to wear handcuffs and shackles. She is currently detained in Baokang Detention Center in Kezuozhongqi.

There are six members in Mr. Tian Fujin's family. Tian Fujin, his wife Liu Xiurong, and their eldest daughter Tian Fang are currently detained. His youngest son Tian Shuangjiang was forced to become homeless to avoid persecution. Their family has never been been able to get together in the past nine years of persecution of Falun Gong. They previously operated a fur business and were quite well off. They became penniless due to the CCP persecution. Everyone in their family was detained, sentenced, and tortured. This family has been sentenced to jail or forced labor for a total of 30 years between them. Liu Xiurong is now in the Kezouhouqi Detention Center. Tian Fang is in the Naimanqi Detention Center. Their second daughter Tian Xing was just released from the Huhhot Women's Forced Labor Camp and lives alone with her 12-year-old son Guo Siyuan.

Ms. Yang Fenglan, over 60, is a retired teacher. She was highly praised by students and parents alike when she was teaching. In 2004 the police in Tongliao City illegally searched her home and arrested her. In June this year they ransacked her home and arrested her again. She is currently detained in Hexi Detention Center.

Mr Li Xiangyu is over 20 years old. He is from Chifeng City, and he lives alone with his mother. He was arrested and detained in 2006. In June of this year, he was arrested again and his home was ransacked. His mother was also detained for one day.

Couple Xiao Yonghua and Liu Jinghe are both in their 50s. Their home was ransacked, and both of them are now in Hexi Detention Center.

Ms. Zhang Yan is in her 40s. She was previously employed at a printing factory, and later she opened up a hairdressing shop. Because of her good services and skills, her business did very well. On July 20, 2008, police from the Ke District Domestic Security Division called her into the police department under false pretenses. They arrested her and ransacked her home. Anther two elderly practitioners whose names are unknown were also arrested when they were in Sanjiao Park in the Kerqin District.

Ms. Liu Yingna is 54 years old. She was employed by the post office before she retired. At 10 a.m. on July 20, 2008, four officers from the Mingren Police Station under the jurisdiction of the Kerqin District Domestic Security Division arrested her and ransacked her home. She is currently detained in Hexi Detention Center.