(Clearwisdom.net) When I first began to pass out truth-clarification materials, I was very afraid. Having two copies of Minghui Weekly and locally-made brochures in my pocket, I thought to myself as I rode my bicycle: I have finally stepped forward to validate the Fa. However, I still felt fear inside my heart as I strolled through the streets. I was looking around to see if someone was watching, and I felt like there were electronic eyes hidden in the streets monitoring me. After going around a few blocks, I was barely able to finish distributing the materials.

I was annoyed by my attachment of fear when I got home. I shared this experience with some others and I came to understand that my fear was indeed a manifestation of my selfishness, lack of compassion, and not treating sentient beings with enough care. Just imagine: If my loved ones were in danger, would I still be fearful of this and that and stand idly by without doing anything? There is a story about a woman who took her child out to play. The child accidentally fell into the water where crocodiles frequented. Almost instantaneously, without any hesitancy, the woman jumped into the water and saved the child. As a crocodile was quickly coming to attack the child, the woman rescued him at the critical moment.

We have been working to tell people the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution. In essence, we are rescuing them. With the care of Master and the guidance of the Fa, why should we fear anything? Because of our strong attachments to fear, we are indeed wasting sentient beings' precious time who desperately depend on us for salvation. We are not living up to Master's great expectations of us, and the mission that He has bestowed upon Dafa disciples. When I think in this way, I feel there is nothing I'm afraid of.

Through studying the Fa, we have come to understand that we must gradually get rid of our attachments, including fear. After this experience, I have come to firmly believe in the Fa and Master, and my attachment to fear quietly disappeared through solid cultivation. One time, I went out to distribute truth-clarification materials. I was on the top floor of a building, dropping off copies of the "Global Chinese New Year Spectacular" CD in the doorways. Suddenly, I heard someone coming up the stairs. As I turned, I saw a person who was holding his keys going directly to his doorway. I was calm and went up to him. I smiled and said: "Hello! You've arrived." He looked at me gently and nodded: "Oh, yes. Are you looking for someone?" I politely handed him a CD and said: "I'm waiting just for you. It is a world-class New Year show. I wish your family happiness and health." He thanked me and took the CD. During that time, I didn't have any fear or other thoughts. I felt I was very pure and peaceful inside.

I feel that as long as I cultivate myself solidly, I will be able to quickly remove my attachment of fear. Of course, this doesn't mean that we are not cautious about our personal safety, or mindful of our environment. In fact, I think that would be a distorted understanding of the Fa. When we don't have the attachment of fear, what fills our hearts are wisdom and compassion given by the Fa. During these years of passing out truth-clarification materials, I pay attention to whatever I do, such as packaging the materials neatly and dressing myself presentably. I conduct myself with good manners. In a word, I feel I must be worthy of doing such a sacred thing as validating the Fa.

Meanwhile, I feel Minghui Weekly has really benefited me greatly, because it is the platform for all Dafa disciples to share their insights and experiences. It embodies the hard work, compassion and righteous thoughts of all Dafa disciples. Through studying the Fa and sharing our experiences, we've gotten rid of our attachment to fear, and blazed our paths to save more sentient beings. For this reason, I firmly believe that as long as we cultivate solidly in the Fa, taking the Fa as Master, we can easily remove any attachments we might still have. As long as we continue to cultivate ourselves solidly and diligently, and keep letting go of our attachments, our cultivation path will become wider and broader.