(Clearwisdom.net) On August 16, 2008, a couple that practice Falun Dafa and two other practitioners who were visiting them were arrested by officers from the local police substation. The next day they were all taken to a local detention center. The police said that each would be fined 1,000 yuan before they would be charged based on the evidence police extracted from their computers.

After finding out the news, some practitioners from our city immediately had a meeting to discuss the issue. Before this happened, the police had arrested more than ten practitioners prior to the Olympics. After discussion, we reached a common understanding from the Fa: The CCP's use of the Olympics to rampantly arrest practitioners is a last-ditch attempt by them. We cannot be passive in the face of such persecution. Practitioners' using the Internet, attending group practice, and gathering are all legal. Though these practitioners had attachments, we should not allow them to be persecuted. Other practitioners need to strengthen our righteous thoughts and rescue them.

We then worked together with these practitioners' families. Everyday we went to the police station and detention center to clarify the truth and ask for our families and friends to be released. At the same time we inspired the practitioners around the city to let go of fear, step forward, and send forth righteous thoughts around the police station, police substation and detention center. The practitioners involved shared their understandings and coordinated well everyday, regardless of the tricks that the police tried to play. We just firmly believed in Master and the Fa. After ten days, we eliminated the evil in other dimensions. On the 11th day, the police released the four practitioners unconditionally.

Through this, the practitioners in our city improved as a whole. Many practitioners that hadn't stepped forward in the past were able to do so and sent forth righteous thoughts in close proximity with other practitioners' help. We agreed that cooperating as a whole body is the best method to eliminate the evil in our local area. As long as we maintain righteous thoughts and righteous actions and walk the path that Master arranges for us, we can eliminate the evil and stay safe.