(Clearwisdom.net) On March 2 and July 21, 2008, the 610 Office, Politics and Law Committee, and National Security Team of Fusong County in Baishan City, Jilin Province arrested local Falun Dafa practitioners, searched their homes, and confiscated their property. The practitioners were detained in the Fusong Detention Center, where they were tortured. Currently, Ms. Pang Junyuan is in critical condition. One male practitioner's legs have become disabled, and another male practitioner is now mentally unstable. Another female practitioner, about-60-years-old, had her face severely disfigured by the torture.

Guo Jun and Wang Xiaodan, team leaders of the Fusong National Security Team, ordered the Fusong Detention Center not to allow the practitioners to see their family members. They said that the guards could torture Falun Dafa practitioners at will, as long as they are not killed. Below are some of the torture methods used against the practitioners.

1. The guards bundled Popsicle sticks together and inserted them into practitioners' anuses. This caused tearing and bleeding, and severe pain. In some cases, the sticks were left in a long time.

2. They stabbed male practitioners' private parts with sewing needles.

3. They handcuffed practitioners' hands behind their backs for long periods of time.

4. In near or sub-freezing temperatures, the guards ordered inmates to strip off practitioners' clothing and douse the practitioners with water for hours, which caused the practitioners to run high fevers. Afterwards, the guards asked the prison doctors to give the practitioners IV's to bring down the fever and charged the practitioners 1,000 yuan for the treatment.

5. The guards poked practitioners with needles, avoiding the face.

6. The guards forced practitioners to engage in intensive manual labor for long periods of time. Practitioners were allowed to sleep for only a few hours and eat two corn pancakes per day. When a practitioner's family deposits 100 yuan for him to use in the detention center, only 20-30 yuan actually goes into the practitioner's account. Those practitioners who do not renounce Falun Gong are not allowed to sleep or buy anything.

7. The guards directed the inmates to beat the practitioners at will.

On the night of July 21, 2008, six practitioners from Beigang Town were arrested by officers from the Beigang Town Police Station and the Fusong Police Department. The arrested practitioners included Ms. He Xiuying, Ms. Zhang Longfang, Ms. Song Weixiang, Mr. Zhao Qingyuan, Ms. Zheng Chengxiang and Mr. Sun Chengdao. On August 7, they were sent to forced labor camps.

Between 2000 and 2003, a male Falun Gong practitioner from Fusong County, who was about 60 years old, died in the Fusong County Detention Center. The cause of death was recently discovered. The guards forced him to half-squat, with his hands level and eyes staring straight ahead, for three days and three nights. If he didn't meet these requirements exactly, he was beaten. On the fourth day, he died in the detention center from this abuse, but the detention center authorities told his family that he died from a heart attack.

Li Pengzhong, Politics and Law Committee of Fusong County: 86-439-6230369 (Office), 86-439-6213905 (Home), 86-13804499069 (Cell)
Wei Guoxiang, director of Fusong County Police Department: 86-439-6230333 (Office), 86-15944955555 (Cell)
Du Huanli, deputy director of the police department: 86-439-6233001 (Home), 86-13894008285 (Cell)
Zhang Aimin, deputy chief of the National Security Team: 86-439-6211203, 86-439-8967785
Li Kegang, superintendent of the Fusong Detention Center: 86-13843944111 (Cell), 86-439-6211787, 86-439-6362820, 86-439-6212393, 86-439-6211787