(Clearwisdom.net) On August 1, 2008, Liu Fa, deputy secretary from Weizhou Security Division in Wei County, Hebei Province, along with his followers, entered the Tongxintang Pharmacy on Yuquan Street in Weixian City. He wanted to confiscate Dr. Gong's identity card. This is a card needed to do bank transactions, make purchases in shopping centers and conduct many business-related activities. Hence, Dr. Gong could not afford to give it to him. As a result, Liu Fa called for police officers from the Public Security Bureau and had the pharmacy surrounded. Many of Dr. Gong's patients were scared and left the pharmacy.

Liu Fa encouraged the officers to confiscate all the medicine and equipment in the pharmacy. They also arrested several employees and ransacked some of their homes.

Dr. Gong Zhe, and his staff, Li Dongpo, Han Xiurong, and Liu Yahua, have been sent to the Zhangjiakou brainwashing center.

The loss of this pharmacy has created a significant problem and inconvenience to the patients.

A man with lung cancer had been using the service of this pharmacy since June of last year. He was Dr. Gong's patient. His daughters said, "We hope that Dr. Gong can come back. He is a trustworthy doctor and his fees are lower than others, and he charges less for the medicine he sells us. This fellow, Liu Fa, has brought harm to a good doctor and caused problems for us too."

A mother of three said, "We should try to bring Dr. Gong back. We have always gone to Tongxintang Pharmacy when my children needed medical help. Usually, it costs only a few bucks for each visit."

The mother of a friend of mine said, "I went to another pharmacy to fill a prescription and it cost me 39 yuan. When it was time for a refill, I went to Tongxintang Pharmacy and I paid only 26.50 yuan. For those who need medical help on a regular basis, this difference is huge."

Many people in Weixian City have been talking about the closing of Tongxintang Pharmacy. Some said, "We all know that Falun Gong practitioners are good people. Running a pharmacy and helping sick people are valuable services to the community. They didn't do anything that was harmful to the public. What is the justification for closing the pharmacy and arresting all the workers in it?" "Closing the pharmacy has brought harm to many families. This act is truly sinful." "Corruption, prostitution, gambling, drug dealing, fraud, cheating, kidnapping, swindling, stealing, and robbing are activities the officers should be concerned about. To persecute believers in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance indicates the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s inability to distinguish between good and bad. The days of the CCP are numbered!"