(Clearwisdom.net) Many Dafa practitioners in mainland China read the articles on the NTDTV website about collecting funds and purchasing a satellite, and they want to help collect money and to contribute themselves. So they tried to get information on how to transfer such money to NTDTV. But NTDTV and our other media target non-practitioners. If Dafa practitioners cannot understand this issue from the Fa, and their minds waver, then it is likely that special agents and swindlers will once again take advantage of the loopholes. We have had a lot of past lessons like this, which not only resulted in economic loss to Dafa practitioners as a whole, but which also pose security problems for Dafa practitioners and materials production sites. The negative consequences have been deep and difficult to overcome.

NTDTV news coverage and fundraising efforts are aimed at mainstream society, not practitioners. These things present a good opportunity to tell society about Falun Gong and provide a specific way for non-practitioners to position themselves. Practitioners should be clear about their roles. There are no short cuts in cultivation. It is not as easy and quick as donating money. However, we can work toward purchasing a satellite as a means to clarify the facts. Dafa practitioners should only play the role of saving people; we should not do anything by ourselves, or play the role that non-practitioners should play. Otherwise, we might diminish the snowball effect generated in society by our truth clarification efforts.

Not long ago, many practitioners were attached to certain prophecies reported in various media. They confused themselves with non-practitioner readers, forgot their roles and mission, and forgot that they are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. This has brought huge losses to our saving sentient beings. After attaching to one thing, when the next thing occurs, we too often become attached to it again with a similar state of mind and understanding. We cannot always do things like this. Understanding the Fa from the Fa is true cultivation. It enables us to improve from every such occurrence and truly do better in saving people.