(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Yanshuang lived in Honghe Town (originally Zhuhan Town) in Changle County, Shandong Province. In 2007, he was illegally arrested and sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor. On July 9, 2008, the police officers who arrested Li Yanshuang planned to also arrest his wife, Ms. Liu Shimei. Ms. Liu and her young son had to flee their home.

On June 5, 2007, Mr. Li Yanshuang was reported by Gao Quande, a Chinese Communist Party member in Longshan Village. Early in the morning, several police officers from the town broke in to Mr. Li's home, arrested him, and ransacked the place. Mr. Li did not cooperate with the police officers and was brutally attacked by two of them. His mother, who was crippled and bedridden, begged the police to stop beating her son, but to no avail. The officers kept beating Mr. Li and dragged him out the door.

Mr. Li refused to enter the police car. He tenaciously held onto the tire of the car. One officer called for back-up, and another police car came. Police Chief Feng Haibo ordered 7 or 8 officers to pry Mr. Li's hands off the tire and shove him into the car. Mr. Li's leg was still hanging out of the car when the officers proceeded to sit on his abdomen. The police confiscated his computer, documents, DVD player, pictures of the founder of Falun Gong, and Falun Gong books.

On the evening of June 8, 2008, Gao Quande and other police officers returned to Ms. Liu Shimei's home. They wanted to arrest Ms. Liu but failed, so Gao Quande led the police to her father's home in Caogoya Village, Atuo Town, Lechang County. Gao Quande and Meng Xianjing have frequently led police to harass Ms. Liu's elderly father. They even climbed over the wall of his property to enter his home late at night. The persecutors badgered Ms. Liu's father for her cell phone number and Gao Quande even made him him pay for his meal in a restaurant in Caogoya Village. Ms. Liu's father is worried about her and fears the frequent harassment. He is mentally and physically exhausted and cannot eat or sleep well.

Since Mr. Li Yanshuang is being held in a forced labor camp, and Ms. Liu Shimei cannot go home, no one is working on their farm. Relatives and friends hired a farmhand, but Gao Quande harassed and threatened the laborer. Gao also ordered Li Jinlong's wife, Liu Mingfeng, to be on the lookout for Falun Gong practitioners. Liu Mingfeng actively collects information about Falun Gong practitioners and helps Gao Quande arrest them.

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Gao Quande: 86-13792643125 (Cell)

September 4, 2008