(Clearwisdom.net) Since December 2007, thirteen Falun Dafa practitioners from Dan County, Shandong Province have been severely persecuted by officers from the National Security Team of the Dan County Police Station and Heze City Police Bureau. Eight of them were arrested late in the night by police who illegally broke into the house. During unlawful interrogations of the practitioners, the police used their usual brutal methods, including pinching ears, hitting the face and cursing, and also deprived the practitioners of sleep for several days and nights. They even resorted to mixing nerve-damaging drugs into the hot water and food. The tortures were inhumane and cruel.

Practitioner Ms.Shen Jinhua was illegally detained in the detention center. Officers from the National Security Team forced her to sit on the tiger bench, and she was not allowed to close her eyes for six days straight. Finally her eyes started to bleed and she lost consciousness for 24 hours.

On December 24, 2007, practitioners Qi Jiansheng, Wang Fenglan, and others were arrested by the National Security Team of Dan County Police Station while they were distributing truth-clarifying materials around Fugang Town in Dan County. During the four days in Fugang Police Substation, the police, at their whim, tied the practitioners to the bed-frames, and left them for the entire night. The practitioners could neither stand nor squat, and had to half curl on the cold floor. The police took turns harassing them to prevent them from sleeping. Sometimes the police tied them on the "tiger bench" for the whole night. Whenever the practitioners started to fall asleep, the police pinched their eyelids hard.

During the fourth night, the police handcuffed Wang Fenglan's hands behind her back, and hung her up. After Wang Fenglan passed out, the policeman, Wang Jianmin, put her on the floor and poured cold water onto her body (this was during the cold winter). After she awoke they put her into a chair and forcibly fed her hot water which had nerve-damaging drugs mixed in. Wang Fenglan could no longer keep a clear mind due to the drug effects, and Liu Jianfeng, Bao Lihu and Wang Jianmin started attacking her in groups or took turns interrogating her.

The National Security Team of Dan County used these kinds of evil methods to illegally get a so-called confession and information, and then arrest other practitioners.

It has been reported that the officers from the National Security Team of Dan County Police Station also used these methods to persecute practitioners Liu Guangcun and Shen Jin'e. Two of the thirteen practitioners were illegally sentenced to four years of prison while ten of them were illegally sent to one or two years of forced labor.