(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Huang Xuejun was employed at Pu'ai Hospital in Anlu City, Hubei Province. Over the past nine years, Huang Xuejun has been persecuted by the police of Anlu City and the Xiaochang 610 Office. He was illegally detained in Xiaogan Forced Labor Camp, Shayang Forced Labor Camp, and Xiaochang Forced Labor Camp. In April 2008, Mr. Huang went to the hospital to ask for his job back, but the hospital director, Zhao Guosheng, and Deputy Director Liu Jun refused to let him return, due to an order from Nie Hanzhang, a 610 Office staff member. Huang Xuejun and his family now have no source of income.

Huang Xuejun started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. Chronic nose and throat diseases he had suffered from for over a decade disappeared in six months. He tried to be a good person by following Falun Dafa's teachings of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He worked hard and never pocketed money when prescribing drugs, unlike others in his position. Since the persecution began in 1999, his family has lived in constant fear.

1. Officers from Anlun City State Security Group Arrested Huang Xuejun and Lived in his Home

On the evening of July 22, 1999, Mr. Huang Xuejun was taken to the police station by officers Tu Yadong, Mei De'an, and Chen Xinrun, from Anlu City State Security Group. They attempted to force him to write a statement promising to no longer practice Falun Gong. His personal belongings, including a trunk of Dafa books, audio and video tapes, and Master Li's portrait, were confiscated. Policeman Chen Xinrun kept a close eye on Mr. Huang by moving into his home.

In October, 1999, Mr. Huang and several fellow practitioners in Anln City were discussing going to Beijing to appeal. Policemen Tu Yadong and He Xinrun took him to the police station for questioning. Huang Xuejun calmly reasoned with them and was released right away. However, three days later he was again picked up on the way to work. The director of the State Security Group, Li, decided to send Mr. Huang to Xiaogan Forced Labor Camp for one year.

2. Persecuted in Xiaogan Forced Labor Camp

In the forced labor camp, Mr. Huang was subjected to different methods of torture. Wardens encouraged criminal inmates to torture him. He was forced to stand with his head against the wall, his body leaning forward, or forced to kneel down. Inmates beat him with brooms, rolled-up canvas military beds, or square sticks, and more frequently, kicked and punched him. He was forced to stand in the snow until he vomited and almost passed out, and to do hard labor in the baking summer sun, which caused his skin to peel terribly. He was also mentally tortured by being deprived of sleep and forced to read books and watch videos defaming Dafa. Wardens also forced him to write false statements renouncing Dafa, so those in charge of "transforming" practitioners could receive bonuses.

3. Arrested Again

In October 2000, Mr. Huang's employer refused to arrange any work for him after he returned home. Of course, he wasn't paid for his work at the labor camp.

On August 29, 2001, he was reported to the police while he was talking about the persecution. He was later arrested at work by three agents from the Xiaochang 610 Office and Chen Xinrun from Anlun City State Security Group, who beat him during the arrest.

While being interrogated, Mr. Huang said, "I haven't committed any crime--you don't have a right to question me," and refused to answer questions. A police driver came into the room and started beating him, then another held him under the arms and kneed him hard in the chest. He also elbowed Mr. Huang and slammed his head into the wall, yelling, "Killing you will be reported as suicide!"

Mr. Huang didn't say anything. One policeman threatened him with an electric baton and was about to whip him with a wire, but another person stopped him. Mr. Huang was tortured for two days and nights without food or water. He was severely injured and bloody by the end.

The police didn't get what they wanted, so they sent him to a detention center and said, "You'll see how we are going deal with you."

Three days later, the legal enforcement department sent personnel to question him. He told them that police officers from the Department of Politics and Security had tortured him, and showed them his injuries. They asked him if he had practiced the exercises at home, and he said yes. Then they asked him what he thought about Dafa. He said, "Falun Gong is the truth."

4. Attempted Brainwashing in Shayang Forced Labor Camp

Huang Xuejun went on a hunger strike for six days in Xiaochang Detention Center. The police transferred him to Shayang Forced Labor Camp after having kept him in the detention center for a month.

The first day he arrived at the camp, the wardens forced him to crouch on the ground and didn't allow him to use the toilet, in an attempt to force him to write a statement denouncing Falun Gong. When he refused, two wardens handcuffed him, pushed him to the floor, and shocked him with electric batons.

Wardens forced him to recite the camp's policies, attempting to pull him away from his belief. For the first six months he was only allowed to sleep for a few hours every night, in addition to other tortures. For example, two criminal inmates pulled him behind them as they ran, until he was exhausted. He was forced to jump like a frog on the floor for hours, which made him crippled the next day. He was forced to stand up and crouch down hundreds of times and do hundreds of push-ups, and he was forced to crouch on one foot for hours.

Collaborators tried to persuade him with lies and tricks, attempting to force him write the denunciation. He was also forced to watch videos defaming Dafa--an attempt to crush him mentally and force him to give up his beliefs. As a result, he couldn't withstand the tests and compromised, going against his conscience.

5. Anlu City State Security Group Continues the Persecution

In August 2008, Huang Xuejun was released, but he was deprived of the salary he should have received during the time he was in the labor camp. His three month bonus was also canceled by the Party secretary of his work group, to again attempt to force him to write a denunciation.

In March, 2004, Tang Jianguo, director of Anlu City State Security Group, and police officers Chen Xudong and Huang Yajun, arrested Mr. Huang at work again and searched his home illegally. Ke Jicheng, Chen Xudong, Chen Xinrun, Mei De'an, and Li Ling interrogated him.

Two days later, the police and 610 Office agent Nie Hanzhang took him to the Tangsun Lake Brainwashing Center in Wuhan City for a month. His family was forced to pay all costs. Mr. Huang was deprived of sleep and forced to watch videos defaming Dafa. Two people watched him all the time and threatened him with imprisonment.

In September 2004, Mr. Huang was clarifying the truth to someone on a bus and was reported to the police, so he was arrested by Yandian police. Policeman Huang Yajun handcuffed him and slapped his face while questioning him. Later, Mr. Huang was taken to the city detention center where he continued practicing the exercises, studying the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth to wardens and inmates. After 15 days of detention, he was released.

At around 8:00 a.m. on March 22, 2007, Mr. Huang was arrested again at work by Tang Jianguo, the director of Anlun City State Security Group, along with policeman Huang Yajun, Zhang Liming, the director of Yunmeng State Security Group, and policemen Yu Meng and Ru Yunping, among others. The police from Yunmeng took Mr. Huang to the office of the Yumeng State Security Group for questioning. Zhang Liming stole 200 yuan and a watch worth 100 yuan from him. He told them the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong, but Yu Meng became violent in response.

Mr. Huang was detained in Yunmeng Detention Center, where he tried to continue practicing the exercises. A policeman, Qiu, encouraged a murderer, a drug abuser, and a thief to beat Mr. Huang until they almost broke his ribs. After that, he was unable to move for two weeks.

On March 22, police officer Chen Xudong from Anlu State Security Group and Zhang Liming, the director of Yunmeng State Security Group, searched Huang Xuejun's home illegally. They took away his computer without signing any paper work. When Mr. Huang went to Anlu State Security Group to ask for the return of his personal belongings, he was told by Director Tang Jianguo that they wouldn't give them back because they contained Falun Gong information.

When policeman Yu Meng questioned him at the detention center, he asked for his money and watch back. Yu Meng told another policeman, Ruan Yunping, that they were used to cover gas expenses for police cars.

Huang Xuejun was detained illegally for nearly four months until he was released on bail by the Yunmeng Court. After he was back at work for less than two months, he heard that he would be tried in Yumeng Court. In order to avoid further persecution, he left home. In April 2008, he asked to return to work but was turned away by Zhao Guosheng, director of the hospital, and Deng Youfa and Li Jun, the hospital deputy directors, who were all collaborating with 610 Office staff member Nie Hanzhang. Huang Xuejun and his family now have no source of income.