Looking for my missing son, I saw Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

I am 67-year-old engineer in Nanchong City in Shichuan Province. My son used to have a business in Wuhan City, Hubei Province and got contract jobs for a contract company. In 1988, someone in the contract company called me to inform me that my son had disappeared. Company officials asked the family to come to Wuhan to take care of the remaining contracts. I decided to go to Wuhan and look for my son. I got permission for a temporary leave from my employers, and with a heavy heart I went to search for my missing son. In Wuhan I had several meetings with officials in the contract company. We reached the following agreement: I would take over my son's business, complete the contracts, and be responsible for paying off debts amounting to more than twenty thousand yuan. My monthly income then was less than a hundred yuan. It would take me several decades to pay off the debt at this rate, even if I spent not a cent on my own things. The thought of it almost took my breath away. I wanted to find my son who had disappeared. I ended up borrowing the money from my mother and paid off my son's debts. Now I owed my mother a lot of money.

Not only had I lost my son, but I was in great financial difficulty. I despaired. For the next 16 years I have remained in Wuhan and continued looking for my son. Although I have not found him, one day, I saw a sign that said, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." My life was completely changed after that. I feel that I am the most of fortunate person in the world.

The "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" Poster

In 2004, I was on my way to attend a lecture series on how to invest in the stock market. When I passed Xibeihu Square in Hanko I discovered "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" posted on a pole, which got many people's attention, including mine. I felt a bright light in front of me, and a hot and powerful warm flow went through me. A joyful and relaxed feeling came over me that was indescribable. In the meantime, many thoughts came to my mind. It seemed that I understood something, but couldn't recall exactly, and can't describe it. It took me a long time to calm myself. It seemed that it was something I had been waiting for, looking for, and pursuing for a long time. I walked back and forth in front of that poster for a long time and tried to sort out what I was wishing for. After I left, I still pondered where I might have seen those words before. I finally remembered that I saw the words on a Dafa flyer at my door one morning in late October 2003. Those three words looked familiar back then, and more familiar this time. It could be the thing that I had been looking for. It was Falun Gong.

After I finished the class that day, I stopped at the square again on my way home, wondering, waiting, and searching. In the following month or two, I went to attend the class, but was actually looking for Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and Falun Gong practitioners. The cruel persecution made it difficult to find any practitioners, but I didn't give up. Eventually I was able to meet a practitioner who had personally attended Master's Fa lectures. I was so happy.

I Found Falun Dafa

One morning in July 2004 I was at a park to do some morning exercises. I thought that it would be nice if I could find Falun Gong. Momentarily, a man in his seventies appeared in front of me. We had talked. I knew later he was practitioner who had attended Master's Fa lectures. During the conversation he told me he had practiced some kind of qigong for more than ten years and his hypertension was cured. I asked him if he could teach me. I thought if I learned it from him, I could teach my wife, who had hypertension. We decided to meet again the next day, and he would show me the things he practiced.

Meeting with him the next day he showed some hesitation in telling me something, but I was insistent. It was raining hard. He held a bag and cane in one hand and an umbrella in the other. I offered to carry his bag and walked with him. On the way to his home he told me that he practiced Falun Gong. I was very excited and told him that it was exactly what I had been looking for, and I begged him to show me the exercises. I was so happy to finally be able to find Falun Gong.

He appeared reluctant. I assured him if anything happened I wouldn't reveal from whom I had learned, and that I would take full responsibility, no matter what happened. We had been talking and walking for about a mile, and he was still not convinced. He went to a food shop for breakfast, and I waited for him outside. Considering his hesitation, I decided to leave him alone, and I slowly walked back to the park. Recalling that I placed his bag at a place unfamiliar to him, I returned to find him just as he stepped out of the food shop. He was happy to see me and said, "It must be Master who brings you back to me. I knew that Master would ask you to come back." I didn't know then what he was talking about. I followed him to his home and waited outside. After a while, he came with the Fa lecture audiotape and a tape player. We found a covered place with barely any traffic, and started listening to the first part of Master's Nine-Day Lectures. The next day, he loaned me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun.

I studied Master's Nine-Day Lectures with him daily. He taught me the five Falun Gong exercises, and the rest of the time I copied Zhuan Falun by hand. I completed Master's Nine-Day Lectures a week later and learned the five sets of exercises. Eventually I met another practitioner, one of his friends. They both corrected my movements. It was very difficult to learn Falun Gong during the persecution. We found a new spot each day and sometimes had to change locations several times. Occasionally we walked in the street while they corrected my movements. I could only practice Falun Gong without fear at home. After a month I had copied all of Zhuan Falun by hand but did not have an opportunity to verify my handwritten copy. I got a call from my family in Sichuan Province. They asked me to return home. I brought my handwritten copy of Zhuan Falun to my hometown and continued the practice.

Several months later I returned to Wuhan and looked for the practitioner whom I had met but was not able to find him. For two years I practiced Falun Gong all by myself and didn't see my problems during cultivation. I was hoping to get other practitioners' help and exchange cultivation experiences.

Any Problem can be Solved if One Believes in Master and Dafa

Having lost contact with the other practitioner for two years and with no place to verify my handwritten copy of Zhuan Falun and no one to correct my exercise movements, I once asked Master what I should do. Several days later I went to a square to practice Falun Gong in public. When I was ready to leave, someone standing next to me said thoughtfully, "You are so brave. What kind of practice are you doing?" "A kind of qigong that makes you healthy. I just follow some people and do what they did. What kind Gong do you think it is?" She didn't say anything and was ready to leave. Feeling her compassion, I followed her and asked if she could correct my movements and loan me a book of the five sets of exercises. She said she would, and asked me to meet at 7:00 p.m. She brought along another practitioner who I will call A. The three of us practiced the five sets of exercises, and they corrected my movements. Practitioner A loaned me Zhuan Falun and the book for the exercises. I hand-copied the book for the exercises.

I was grateful to Master from the bottom of heart. He provided what I needed. From that time on I could completely cultivate in Dafa and do the exercises. Later, they gave me "Minghui Weekly," Zhengjian Weekly, and Master's new lectures volume 1 to 4. I hand-copied the new lectures volume 1 to 3, but was told later that those books were mine to keep. I was so gratefully for their help. I continued getting Dafa materials until their materials site had problems. Then I got fewer materials.

It seemed to be mystical. One day I whispered, "Dear Master, I was your disciple, but I received Dafa late and didn't do the three things well. I looked for a Fa study group, but don't know where to find one." Several days later I met the practitioner at the Qiaoko market who had introduced me to Falun Gong and whom I had lost contact with for three years. He was very happy to see me again. Understanding my cultivation status, he invited me to their group study and told me the time and place. From then on I have been involved in group Fa study, which has helped me a lot, and I got to know many other practitioners. They all help me. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to Master, Dafa, and practitioners who provided all the help to me.

Saved by the Power of Dafa

On the morning of January 20, 2008, it snowed and the road was slippery. I left a stock market trading session, went down the steps, and tripped on the last two. I was dizzy, and a whole row of bicycles fell on me, and I couldn't move. I expected someone to come and help me up. It was a long time before someone came to remove the bicycles and pull me up. My left hand turned purple and black and I couldn't move it, and my left arm was disjointed. I soon recalled that I was a Dafa practitioner and said, "Dafa, please help me! Master, what should I do now?" Instantly, a powerful warm current flowed from the fingertip of my left hand, passed through my arm, and to the joints. With a "click" sound, my left arm was back in position, and the color of my hand returned to normal. My left arm felt warm and was not painful if I didn't touch it, but I couldn't hold the arm up. Two weeks later my daughter helped me take off my shirt. She saw two red lines on the upper part of my arm and one red line on the lower part, which might indicate some fractures. Nevertheless, my arm was normal in 40 days. It was incredible. The power of Dafa had saved me. Master had saved me. I am so thankful to Master and Dafa.

Although I haven't found my son who disappeared, I found Falun Dafa. This is the most extraordinary and rare opportunity that happens only once in millions of millennia. Dafa has extricated me from pain and healed many physical and mental scars. Master saved me and gave me a new life.