(Clearwisdom.net) Regarding the ongoing persecution against Dafa, some fellow practitioners are still waiting and watching. They want to see what other practitioner are doing, and whether they are resisting the persecution with righteous thoughts. If fellow practitioners, including those perceived as being diligent, do not do anything, these practitioners will "rationally" decide to endure the persecution passively. Are we cultivating for others? If others don't practice Falun Gong anymore, should we then give up too? What meaning is there for us to have cultivated for so long? To put it plainly, those who take this attitude are not practicing true cultivation. Some practitioners are still waiting: waiting for difficult situations to pass; waiting for circumstances to become better, when they will have more freedom. Is this possible? Having a comfortable and easy environment can only be established through our efforts in eliminating evil with righteous thoughts and actions. In addition, when Dafa practitioners succeed in cultivation, we will become Kings of different cosmoses. If we evade tribulations, how can we validate and enlighten to Fa principles at different levels, and how will we build the mighty virtue of a King?

No matter how much we have done in our daily lives, or how well we have faced interference and persecution, did we strive to let go of all human attachments to the maximum extent? Did we truly conform to the standards of the Fa, or did we think that we might get lucky; take a wait-and-see attitude and seek to maintain our own interests? This is the choice of either walking toward godhood or going back to being human.

According to our region's current situation, many practitioners are being followed or forcibly confined. In comparison to the past, the evildoers are showing hypocritical faces and pretending to be kind. Of course, the main reason is that they fear Dafa practitioners actively using righteous thoughts and resisting the persecution. If it comes to that, their plot won't succeed. So, on the surface, the persecutors will talk to you kindly and treat you with consideration. When faced with this situation, some practitioners are not clearheaded anymore. They become confused, and forget the Fa and think that being treated this way is not too bad, and would rather just wait until "special situations" like the Olympic Game have passed. Some practitioners were worried that their resisting the persecution would hurt the interest of certain hypocritical individuals. Some were afraid that the evildoers would aggravate the persecution. Fellow practitioners, although the evil didn't use violence to "transform" us at this moment, should we go along with them? Every submission to the evil's unreasonable demands is absolutely harmful to Dafa and Dafa disciple's dignity. Those who organized brainwashing sessions superficially said that Dafa is good, and said that the brainwashing is only done for the purpose of "quieting" disciples. Could that be their true intent?

Only those practitioners who have heavy human notions and did not conform to the standards of the Fa make excuses for giving in to the evil. They were harboring a mentality of hoping to be lucky and trying to find the excuses from the Fa. How close are they from walking down a crooked path?

Of course, what is happening is not necessarily a bad thing. But to truly change it into something good, we need to do well, walk a righteous path, and act openly and nobly. Because of our inadequate actions, those officials who are under pressure from the higher authorities, motivated by money, or who didn't know the truth, have participated in persecuting Dafa disciples. Then, let us completely and clearly tell the facts of the persecution to them; let them understand and be truly saved. No matter how they appear to be wicked or pretend to be nice, we need to use our righteous thoughts and righteous actions to destroy the evil's arrangements. Only by doing this will people then truly respect and admire Dafa practitioners. Those who are being used by the evil could truly see the consequences of persecuting practitioners, which is not only harming Dafa, but will also lead to harming themselves. We can also let those who are not part of the persecution clearly see that not going along with the evil Communist Party's persecution is the right thing to do.

Those officials who are used by the evil fear being exposed the most. I hope that all practitioners who have been restricted, are being followed, or being confined will resist this persecution firmly. Let us expose all the evil's actions to family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. We should let people know about these crimes. At the same time, we should expose these vicious deeds in front of their faces. There is nothing that Dafa disciples are afraid of letting people know.

As Dafa disciples, we must be open and noble, take our own path and walk our path well. We have Master and Dafa. What is there to fear? The evil and those who are used by the evil are the only ones who have something to fear. Just one of our ordinary actions or words can cause them to panic. As long as we hold righteous thoughts and use righteous actions, we can resist and dissolve the persecution. Only when we openly and nobly eliminate the persecution, can we truly save those people who are being used or deceived by the evil. We are the main characters of history. As long as we have the Fa in our hearts, it is only right for us to direct or lead those being used by the evil. How could we be restrained by them?

At all times, we should treat people kindly with our compassion and completely eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions. As for those who participate in committing evil deeds, we must seriously point out their criminal acts and exhibit Dafa disciple's dignity, but we should not be angry in our hearts.