(Clearwisdom.net) Yuxiu was 43 years old in 2003 when she was diagnosed with bone cancer and was told that it was terminal. The news devastated her. She was treated with chemotherapy, invasive procedures, and given hormones. The out-of-pocket expenses for her medication that was not covered by the company insurance was over 10,000 yuan. When you included the insurance-covered part, it was 80,000 to 90,000 yuan. She took 60 to 70 pills every day, which caused her mouth and tongue to become numb, and her stomach to have a burning sensation. Doctors had her gargle to avoid infection whenever she stepped out of her room in the hospital, but her condition did not improve.

When her life was in peril, her sister-in-law, a practitioner, brought her a cassette of lectures by Falun Gong's founder, Mr. Li Hongzhi. She said "I first came in contact with Falun Gong under those circumstances. My sister-in-law wanted me to recite devotedly in my mind 'Falun Dafa is good' and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.'"

She faithfully repeated the sentences and listened to Teacher's lectures. She said "I truly heard teachings that I had never heard before. I was very excited, and forgot that I was seriously ill. Later, I felt that the Falun was spinning in my body. Sometimes I felt the warmth coming forth from my head to my toes, and my whole body was warm and comfortable. It was a wonderful feeling. I felt that I had hope and I was going to be saved from my desperation."

She said excitedly "I feel I am truly fortunate. I am grateful to Falun Dafa and Teacher who has saved me and let me experience the wonders of Dafa." After being on the path of cultivation, her dull and heavy body became lighter and lighter. "I decided to get out of the hospital and do as Dafa requires of me, and I let go of the attachment to my illnesses. I diligently read the book, studied the Fa, and did the exercises. Six months later, I was totally recovered, and I truly experienced the joy of not having any illness."

Cultivation is sacred and serious, and when her body gradually recovered, all kinds of tribulations and tests came one after another. "I wanted to be a true practitioner, and I tried my best to face the tribulations calmly. If I did not pass a test the first time, I would try again and pass it the next time. After my recovery, when my husband was mad, he was actually helping me to elevate my xinxing, but at first I was not able to see this reasoning and did not maintain my calm. Gradually I was able to always look inward, not caring so much about ordinary people's thoughts and truly maintained the forbearance of a practitioner. With this change, my whole family began to support Dafa."

Yuxiu is now in Australia, and she said happily "Afterwards, my story was spread throughout my school. Teachers and students all felt that it was a miracle that I had survived. I truly feel that whoever learns Dafa will truly benefit. I have convinced all my family members to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations using their real names. By no means will they allow themselves to be the scapegoats for the CCP."