(Clearwisdom.net) Jia Shujun, Party Secretary of the Huaiyang County Communist Party Committee; Yang Yunhe, Party Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee; and Zheng Yanfang, Director of the 610 Office and Deputy Director of the Police Department, whole heartedly carried out secret orders from the CCP to intensify the crack down on Falun Gong with the excuse of "Olympic Security". They colluded with the director of the State Security Bureau in Huaiyang and the Supervising Team of the 610 Office in Henan Province and forced the police from Huaiyang Police Department to fanatically arrest Falun Gong practitioners. They ransacked practitioners' homes, stole property, severely beat practitioners and detained practitioners. During the three months from April to July, about 40 Dafa practitioners in Huaiyang were arrested or detained. The following are the additional information on some cases:

Case 1: At about 10am on July 29, 2008, police from the Huaiyang Domestic Security Division broke into Dafa practitioner Li Shouyi's home and arrested him. He was sent to a detention center.

Case 2: At about 11:00pm on July 29, 2008, police from the Huaiyang Domestic Security Division arrested Dafa practitioner couple Wang Heping and Su Zhenhua from Beiguan and ransacked their home. They confiscated 1700yuan, a new motor vehicle for elder people and 12 TV receivers. Wang Heping managed to escape while Su Zhenhua was sent to a detention center.

Case 3: At 1:00am on July 30, 2008, police from the Huaiyang Domestic Security Division arrested Dafa practitioner Wang Xianhuai from Beiguan and ransacked her home. They confiscated 3 copies of Dafa books and Master's photo. She is currently at a detention center.

Case 4: At 11:00am on August 1, 2008, Dafa practitioners Mr. Li Tingyun (seventy-seven-years-old) and other three practitioners (all over sixty years old) from Liuzhentun Village were having a rest under the willow trees at Lixing Bridge while a police car suddenly appeared and five policemen jumped out of the car and shouted words slandering Falun Gong. They arrested the four practitioners and confiscated their bicycles.

Case 5: On August 1, 2008, Dafa practitioners Li Guimei and Xuan Meiying from Liji Village, Wangdian Township went to the town of Huaiyang County. They were arrested without reason. Police searched their houses.

Case 6: On the morning of August 1, 2008, police from the Huaiyang Domestic Security Division arrested Dafa practitioners Xu Hongli, Gao Xiumei, Meng Guiqin and Li from Xuwan Village. They ransacked their houses in the afternoon and confiscated a motorcycle, 8 TV receivers and some cash from Xu Hongli and confiscated Dafa books and materials and some cash from Gao Xiumei. Information on Meng Guiqin and Li is yet to be released.

Case 7: Police from the Domestic Security Division went to harass Dafa practitioner Xu Lianhua at her home. Only her child was at the home. Police grabbed cans of the family's soft drink, opened them and drank. They saw a carton of cigarettes, opened it, grabbed a pack and each of them lit a cigarette. Neighbors were very angry when they saw what the police did. One neighbor questioned one of them: " How come you take other people's things without their permission?"The police stared at him with hatred and said: "Who are you? We will arrest you if you say one more word."

When police acted badly, neighbors around the Dafa practitioners scolded and reprimanded them. One day police broke into a Dafa practitioner's home. They ate, drank and took away property and also arrested practitioners. People could no longer bear it and said: "Look at those bad guys! Every one of them is a thug and they all do bad things. They are a group of bandits. It is not untrue that the CCP will be eliminated soon."