(Clearwisdom.net) The CCP has arrested numerous innocent citizens in "preparations for the Olympics." Please look at the things that have been happening in Qingdao City.

On July 25, 2008, when a 65-year-old female Falun Gong practitioner, Zhang Xiuying, from the Third Village, Lingshan Town, Jimo City, Qingdao, was telling people about the persecution in an open air market, she was reported to the police. Zhang was arrested by Dong Quanqi, Director of the Office of Comprehensive Management, and officers from the Lingshan Town Police Station. Later seven or eight policemen from Lingshan Town Police Station, including Wang Deyi, drove in two cars to ransack Zhang's home.

About 6 pm on July 23, five or six policemen, purported to be from the Sifang Police Branch, broke into Falun Dafa practitioner Jia Cuilan's home in the South District, Qingdao City, and abducted Jia. Police illegally confiscated some private property and warned Jia's family not to visit her. The abductors did not say where Jia Cuilan would be detained. Dozens of similar cases happened in Qingdao in July.

Behind closed doors in meetings prior to the Olympic Games, Chinese authorities defined Falun Gong practitioners as dangerous people and authorized a systematic abduction plan. Police need not investigate, they should simply arrest all suspected Falun Gong practitioners. The authorities would rather wrongfully arrest a thousand innocent people than to miss one wanted person. Falun Gong practitioner Xiao Sumin in Pingdu City, was abducted by CCP on May 30, 2008. She died as a victim of the persecution on June 20. Mrs. Xiao was only 46 years old. In the afternoon of June 21, Xiao Sumin's body was quietly cremated by CCP authorities in Qingdao. Her ashes were sent to her home in Pingdu at 7 pm. Under the pretense of " successfully hosting the Olympic Games," the CCP has initiated a new wave of abductions of Falun Gong practitioners and other activists and dissidents. In just 21 days, the CCP killed a healthy person whose only crime was following Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, the central teaching of Falun Gong. Mrs. Xiao is survived by a young daughter.

According to people familiar with the matter, China's police forces are regrouping to enforce security during the Olympic Games. The authorities are planning to abduct more Falun Gong practitioners.