(Clearwisdom.net) In the run up to the Olympic Games, a large number of Dafa practitioners have been arrested in various places. I think this has something to do with every practitioner who still has attachments and loopholes. We must base our every thought and every action on the Fa and we need to really dig out the roots of our fundamental attachments that allow us to casually acknowledge the evil and the persecution and our fear of the evil and the fear of being persecuted. Even though we may be unwittingly holding such thoughts and notions, they have already imperceptibly encouraged the evil forces' insolence and given them an excuse to persecute Dafa practitioners. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, Dafa practitioners' recognition of the evil and the persecution, along with their fear of the evil and their fear of being persecuted, are working together to create a favorable environment that allows the persecution to continue and escalate.

Why is it that instead of the persecution lessening, there are now suddenly more practitioners being illegally arrested, tortured and even killed? It is not because of the torch relay, or because the Olympic Games are about to start, but because we practitioners, still hanging on to our attachments and loopholes, keep looking outward. Nothing we come across today is by accident. Then, since these things have happened, why don't we refer to the "Fa" Master has taught us to look within ourselves and find out what has facilitated this inevitable outcome? Let us all look deeply inward to truly let go of our loopholes and attachments.

July 25, 2008