(Clearwisdom.net) During the night of June 26, 2008, practitioner Mr. Zhang Zhiwen, from Zhuji group, Zhouji township, Huaiyang county, Henan province, was resting at home. Local police knocked on his door and tried to enter but could not open it. They forced open the front gate, then broke the front door and finally, the door to his bedroom. They entered the bedroom, violently beat Zhang Zhiwen, then grabbed and took him to the Zhuji Police Station. Afterwards, they sent him to the Huaiyang Detention Center.

Mr. Zhang Zhifan from Zhang village, Zhuji township, was arrested and taken to the Zhuji Police Station, and was later detained in the Huaiyang Detention Center.

On the same night, the police broke into the home of Mr. Wang Mingtang in Wangzhuang village, Zhuji township. They seized his Dafa books, truth-clarification materials and 200 yuan in cash which belonged his mother. They arrested Mr. Wang as he was working in the fields and detained him in the Huaiyang Detention Center.

Police also broke into the home of Mr. Wang Xuede from Wangzhuang village, Zhuji township. They arrested Mr. Wang Xuede, his wife and their grandson. There are more details which need further investigation.

Around 3 a.m. on May 26, police from the Domestic Security Division and the Xinzhan Township Police Station in Huaiyang county broke into the home of Ms. Chen Ying in Fulilou village, Tanglou group, Huaiyang county. They threatened Ms. Chen's family and said, "Do not speak or you will be beaten." Family members helplessly watched the police take Ms. Chen's necklace, rings with gemstones, a miner's lamp, and 2000 yuan in cash. The police arrested Ms. Chen Ying and detained her in the Huaiyang Detention Center.

Around 1 a.m. that same morning, security chief Li Changfeng, Xin Liang, and others from the Domestic Security Division, scaled a wall and broke into practitioner Mr. Guo Qingling's home in Guoying village, Zhuji township. Guo's wife tried reasoning with them but the police said, "You will get beaten if you speak." They punched her in the face and mouth, leaving her face swollen and her mouth distorted. They stole 5000 yuan in cash. They stole beer, drinks, and cookies from his convenience store and consumed them. Afterwards, they took away ten rechargeable flashlights, Dafa books, MP3 players and truth-clarification materials. The police stole an estimated 7000 yuan worth of cash and goods from Mr. Guo. They arrested Mr. Guo Qingling and took him to the police station. Later that morning, they sent Mr. Guo to the Huaiyang Detention Center.

On the night of May 5, 2008, Huang Wei, the deputy director of the Liuzhentun Township Police Station, Huaiyang, led four policemen and broke into the home of Mr. Li Junqi in Licaiyuan village, Liuzhentun township. They did not show any identification or documents and broke into Mr. Li's home and ransacked it. They took away Mr. Li's Dafa books and radios and arrested both the father and son. In April 2008, Ms. Xu Xuelan was arrested on the street in Fengtang township. Her family members visited the detention centers and detention stations to deliver some supplies to her but they did not see her there. Later, they heard that she was sent to the Zhengzhou Forced Labor Camp for one year.

Zhuji Township Police Station:

Director-Li Chengming: 86-13703876079 (Cell)
Staff members: Li Yusheng, Zhao Haipeng, Zhang Pengfei

Xinzhan Police Station: Zhang Xiang: 86-394-2861026, 86-13938049256 (Cell)

The Domestic Security Division:

Li Changfeng: 86-13939465160 (Cell)

Chang Yijun: 86-13839400005 (Cell)
Wang Xingchang: 86-13838680726 (Cell)
Zhang Rugang: 86-13839409005 (Cell)
Sun Wei: 86-13323877085 (Cell)
Li Yan: 86-13838606777 (Cell)

The Huaiyang Detention Center:

Director, Zheng Xianjun: 86-394-2681014, 86-13839463085 (Cell)
Doctor, Zhang Duoshu: 86-13939475596
Guard, Wang Peidong: 86-13938052733 (Cell)

The Police Department:

General line: 86-394-2662711 or 86-394-2667103 and transfer extension lines.
Director, Duan Yelin: 86-394-2662711 Ext.37001 (Office), 86-13803941088 (Cell)

Political commissar, Luo Hailong: 86-394-2662711Ext.37002 (Office), 86-13507683103 (Cell)
Deputy director, Guo Baoxin: 86-394-2662711Ext.37003 (Office), 86-13838615816 (Cell)
Liang Xianxue: 86-394-2662711Ext.37004 (Office), 86-13903943469 (Cell)
Liu Yongqian: 86-394-2662711Ext.37005 (Office), 86-13193631111 (Cell)
Zhang Ruyi: 86-394-2662711Ext.37006 (Office), 86-13903874032 (Cell)
He Yulin: 86-394-2662711Ext.37007 (Office), 86-13507686122 (Cell)
Li Boli: 86-394-2662711Ext.37008 (Office), 86-13903943359 (Cell)
Yin Xiufu: 86-394-2662711Ext.37009 (Office), 86-13608410592 (Cell)
Director of the 610 office, Zheng Yanfang: 86-394-2662711Ext.37010 (Office), 86-13839463086 (Cell)
Vice director of the 610 office, Zhu Xiyan: 86-13137661996 (Cell), 86-394-2664769 (Home)
Director of the office for "Maintaining Stability," Fu Junhong: 86-13939465849 (Cell), 86-394-2690129 (Home)

Huaiyang County:

Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Jia Shujun: 86-13703872368 (Cell)
Commissioner or head of the county, Ren Lianjun: 86-13526279966 (Cell)
Secretary of Political and Legislative Affairs, Yang Yunhe: 86-13703873990 (Cell)

Written on July 5, 2008