(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has started a new round of persecuting sentient beings and Falun Dafa practitioners in mainland China. With the approach of the Olympic Games, some Dafa practitioners feel great pressure and sense imminent danger. These practitioners are thinking like ordinary people and treat this persecution with ordinary people's thoughts. Of course, the vast majority of Dafa practitioners act with righteous thoughts, totally negate the old forces, and totally reject the evil CCP.

When I noticed the evil struggle of the CCP in the name of the Olympics, I suddenly had a thought: "The Olympics are a catalyst to accelerate the destruction of the CCP and its evil demons."

Teacher said:

"As I have mentioned before, the evil CCP could save itself some trouble by not doing anything; whenever it does something bad, and particularly to Dafa disciples, it results in a scandal and fiasco for it, and ends up helping Dafa disciples with what they are doing." ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

On top of this, the CCP has wasted vast resources on its image under the Olympic banner. The CCP also has numerous fears: it is afraid of not being capable of making it through the Olympics, afraid of not being capable of doing well, and afraid that the Olympics will bring an end to the CCP. The CCP can only do bad things to the extreme. All of this can only draw indignation from the Heavens and human beings. The heavenly beings will accelerate the death of the CCP. The Olympic Games will not bring fame to the CCP, but will only accelerate its demise.

The Olympics will become the CCP's neck yoke. The CCP itself has created the scenario of its own destruction. In this last period of Fa-rectification, we are witnessing in effect the CCP "returning to consciousness just before dying."

The CCP's Olympic Games will only accelerate its disintegration and allow sentient beings to learn the truth of its crimes sooner. Through all of this, Dafa practitioners will become more mature.

The above is my personal understanding. I welcome all comments.