(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Han Fenglan, in her 50s, lived in Erdaowan Town, Fuyu County in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province. Because she refused to give up her faith in Falun Dafa, at the end of 2006, she was arrested twice by police officers from the town station and the county department. She was threatened and tortured in the Fuyu County Police Department, which caused her to suffer a mental collapse. After her release, she lived in terror, constantly telling others that officers were following her.

Before the Olympic Torch passing through Qiqihar City on July 13, 2008, officer Gao Rui (male) and another officer went to her home to harass her on July 11 and 12. Their tactics caused Ms. Han to suffer a complete mental collapse. She kept telling people that the police were coming to arrest her and hid under a comforter in terror. She was found dead at her home on July 18, 2008, apparently from a self-inflicted hanging.

Erdaowan Town Police Station: 86-452-3060030
Officer Gao Rui: 86-452-3060158
Erdaowan Town CCP Secretary Office:86-0452-3060102
Erdaowan Town Chief (CCP Vice Secretary): 86-452-3060959
Fuyu County Police Department: 86-452-3133342
Fuyu County People's Court:86-452-3139427
Fuyu County Procuratorate: 86-452-3122626