(Clearwisdom.net) According to a reliable source, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) recently transferred criminal justice students in colleges nationally to Beijing in succession as "servers" and turned taxi drivers in Beijing into armed police. The party claims this is necessary to ensure the safety of the Olympic Games. On the one hand, it exposes how the CCP wants to destroy more people as they kidnap the students and force the taxi drivers into being armed police in the public security system, risking their lives. On the other hand, it exposes the desperate state that the CCP is in, fearing every living thing is their enemy.

For the earthquake disaster relief in Sichuan, the CCP was supposed to distribute the disaster relief funds to every victim. They made everyone donate to the cause, even school students. However, how much of the money did the disaster victims obtain? In order to hold the Olympic Games, the CCP has invested countless manpower and financial resources on looking good and maintaining a good reputation. There are people wearing uniforms of the police or security everywhere in Beijing. The people's tax money is spent freely on this.

In order to make a living, people set up stalls along the streets in Beijing and they work from morning to night. The CCP does not care about these people's hardships. In order to beautify the Olympic Games and make a good appearance to boost their reputation, they do not allow foreigners to see the difficult life that the lower income Chinese people live and the hardship they suffer. They want to cover up the massive lower income populace that live in an abyss of suffering, with the CCP even arresting and beating the peddlers on the side streets. Before June 15, 2008 the personnel from the township government staff was sent to rob the stalls, take away their tools, their means of transport, their goods, and they took photographs of these vendors before driving them away. After that, the regular police took over brutally beating up and robbing these people of their goods. After being chased, they were beaten fiercely, with some being pushed to the ground. After that, they were dragged and forced to stand up so they could have their photos taken and wait for their punishment.

The CCP is persecuting people in order to create a good appearance at the Olympics and to show the world how "progressive" they are.