(Clearwidom.net) In the early morning on July 1, 2008, a fellow practitioner and I coordinated our schedules to finish a project for clarifying the truth. After that, I took a bus back home in the morning. On the way, I was very happy and sang heavenly music songs. After getting off the bus, I ate a very good breakfast. I did not realize that I had an attachment to complacency. After I got home and took a shower, I felt a little ache in my back. I did not care about it and thought this was because I was tired after working all night. I was woken up by the pain in my sleep. The pain was so bad that I could not get out of bed; I had difficulty breathing. Only then did I begin to search within myself and cultivate my inner self to find the complacency. In addition, I had a show-off mentality and the hidden attachment of validating myself in recent truth-clarification projects. The old forces therefore took advantage of the loophole and persecuted my body.

After I realized my attachments, I sent forth strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil persecuting me immediately, and asked Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts. However, the effects were not obvious, and I realized the seriousness of my problem. While sending forth strong righteous thoughts I reaffirmed that I am Master's disciple and never want to go down the road the old forces arranged.

A fellow practitioner knew of my situation, and she helped me to send forth righteous thoughts and said it would be fine in three days. I said no, it must be fine by tomorrow! After some more fellow practitioners visited me, they asked why would I would let it go on until tomorrow. They said they would surround me to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil at once, therefore I would be fine immediately. I was shocked by these fellow practitioners' strong righteous thoughts. Under Master's merciful strength and the support of fellow practitioners, they surrounded me and sent forth righteous thoughts every hour several times. In between, we studied the Fa as a group. I was completely well very quickly.

A fellow practitioner told me that when we sent forth righteous thoughts, he said he could see the energy we sent out directly eliminate the evil spirit in my back. He said that it was nothing and a practitioner's little finger would be more than enough to crush it, so I recovered quickly. The evil that disturbed and persecuted me was fierce, and it was eliminated quickly with the help of fellow practitioners' righteous thoughts.

Through this lesson, I recognized the seriousness of cultivation. It would be very dangerous to mix in human notions, which would mean our hearts would not be pure in the process of doing the three things well. This is very important. Secondly, I further recognized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts and enlightened that there is nothing we cannot do with the power of righteous thoughts, especially the power of it as a group. Thirdly, just as a fellow practitioner said, the persecution of any practitioner is also the persecution of the one body of practitioners, and a disruption in our path of saving sentient beings.

July 5, 2008