The fourth squad in Jiamusi Prison, Heilongjiang Province, has used the Olympics as an excuse to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Practitioners are not allowed any further than the corridor outside their prison cells.

Practitioner Mr. Wang Jun is from the City of Jiamusi. He is being detained in the fourth group in the fourth squad. The prison has not allowed his family to visit him for three months. There are two visiting days each month, one on the fourth and the other on the tenth. Each time Wang Jun's family have come to visit him, prison officials have refused to let him out of his cell. They say he hasn't been "transformed" and is therefore being closely monitored. Wang Jun's family cultivates Falun Dafa as well, so their visits were curtailed and the personal belongings they brought in for him were not passed on. Sometimes the money and items they leave for him "get lost." For example, when his family tried to give him 300 yuan, the staff took the money, and Wang Jun never received it.

In the past two months, staff from the Education and Transformation Department and the Guest Visit Department at Jiamusi Prison have notified the families of practitioners that the prison now has a rule in place not to allow practitioners any family visits. As for how long this rule will be enforced, sometimes they say it's a month, sometimes they say it will last a year. They refuse to give a reason for this rule.

Wang Jun's parents are old. His father has spinocerebellar atrophy [a disease characterized by progressive loss of physical control while retaining full mental capacity] and cannot take care of himself. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to get to the prison. Even so, the prison authorities do not allow them to see him. Because they haven't been able to visit their son, and the prison restricts all information about its treatment of Falun Dafa practitioners, his family is very worried. His little daughter misses her father very much, and often cries.

Recently, the prison administration set up a "Management Formalization Leaders' Group." The group leader is Li Shuyuan, the warden. His subordinates are Ma Yufei, Deputy Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Ye Feng, General Manager of the prison. The other members of the group are: Teng Xiang, Wang Zhongwei, Lu Yunqiang (in charge of the persecution of practitioners and also the deputy warden), Li Haojun, Sun Zhixue, Tian Yuesheng (the head of the Politics Department of the prison), Zhao Fubin, Zhang Xinzhong, and He Bo. They continue to escalate the persecution. It is they who have deprived practitioners of their basic right to family visits.

Contact information and names of those responsible for the persecution of Mr. Wang Jun:

Wang Jingbao, Head of the fourth squad in Jiamusi Prison

Zhou Qingguo, Head of the fourth group in the fourth squad: 86-454-8816674 (Office)

Quan Wei and Wang Hong, Deputy Heads of the fourth squad

Wang Long and Wang Qingjun, CCP representatives of the fourth squad

Li Wenliang, CCP deputy representative of the fourth squad: 86-13512699126 (Cell), 86-454-8816670 (Office)