(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhao Fuyi is from Guangxin Township, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province. Since July 20, 1999 when the persecution began, Mr. Zhao and his family have been persecuted to the point that their livelyhood has been affected.

On the morning of July 1, 2000, Director Liu Yuangao and every police officer from the Guangxin Township Police Station went to Mr. Zhao's clinic and ransacked it. They threw all of the Chinese medicines out into the street and threw the drawers into the river. They also broke the cabinets and chairs. One police officer even stole all the cash from a drawer. After ransacking Mr. Zhao's clinic, they went next door to a café owned by another practitioner and did the same thing. That day, the police ransacked four businesses in Guangxin Township, all owned by Falun Dafa practitioners.

When someone later asked the police why they destroyed practitioners' businesses, Liu Yangao said that Jiang Zemin (the former Chinese President) ordered them to. Several officers said that Jiang ordered them to "destroy Falun Gong practitioners' reputations, financially crush them, and physically eliminate them."

In December 2000, Mr. Zhao Fuyi went to Beijing to appeal on behalf Falun Gong. He was taken back to Guanghan by Jiang Tianxin of the Guanghan 610 Office. Mr. Zhao was illegally detained at the Xigao Township Government Building for 48 days. There, practitioners were forced to stand still for a long period of time every day. Some were also viciously beaten, while others were tortured using other methods. Every day, they were only given watery porridge to eat. The practitioners had 1,000 yuan extorted from them for "living expenses." Mr. Zhao was later transferred to the Guanghan City Detention Center and detained for an additional 15 days.

Mr. Zhao's wife, Ms. Deng Mingxiang, 69 years old, also practices Falun Dafa. In October 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. After she was brought back to Guanghan, Ms. Deng was detained for 15 days and tortured. Liu Yuangao, director of Guangxin Township Police Station, told her to give up the practice, but she refused. As a result, she was handcuffed with her arms behind her back to a lightpole for three straight hours. She was only released after she lost consciousness. Her detention at the police station was extended for another 12 days.

On June 29, 2000, police officers forcefully took Ms. Deng to the police station again and detained her for 12 days. She was handcuffed next to the window during the day under the scorching sun. In the evening, several practitioners including Ms. Deng were purposely chained outside when the mosquitoes were out. Ms. Deng was only taken inside after she lost consciousness. Besides being tortured, she was also forced to perform laborious work. She was released only after paying a fine of 2,000 "yuan".

In December 2001, officer Huang Youmei led a group of policemen from the Guangxing Township Police Station to Mr. Zhao's home. Policeman Xiao Kaishang deceived Mr. Zhao into opening his door. Then they ransacked his home. The police tried to grab a photo of Teacher. During the ransacking, Ms. Deng was forced to jump from the second floor. As a result, she broke her left foot, which has never recovered.

Ms. Zhao Xiantang, Mr. Zhao's eldest daughter, was arrested while doing the Falun Dafa exercises in Qiaotou Park in Guanghan City in March 2000. She was detained for 15 days. On July 20, 2000, she was taken to the police station from her home. There, she was forced to wear a heavy jacket in the summertime and perform laborious work

Ms. Zhao Xianchang, Mr. Zhao's youngest daughter, is 38 years old. She used to teach at Guangsan Middle School in Liangshan Township, Guanghan City. Since July 20, 1999, she has been arrested and interrogated by the police many times. On July 16, 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa. She was later detained for 15 days and fired from her job. A month later, she was told to return to the school. She was given only 120 yuan per month for living expenses and was under constant surveillance.

At the end of December 2004, Ms. Zhao Xianchang was arrested at a fellow practitioner's home. She was sent to a forced labor camp for two years. On October 2002, she was released and returned to the school where she taught. There, the school authorities assigned people to constantly monitor her. Between 2003 and 2004, the police from the 610 Office broke into and ransacked her dormitory many times. She asked the school principle, Zhou Daomou, about this, but Zhou claimed that he did not know anything. The police also installed a surveillance camera outside her room, violating her basic rights.

On June 21, 2004, Ms. Zhao went to the Guanghan City Education Committee demanding to know why the school allowed the police to illegally search her dormitory. Security section head Yang Changjin and Li Yiguang not only didn't answer her, but they also called the 610 Office policemen Jiang Tianxin, Zhou Chengshi, and Yang to come arrest Ms. Zhao. The police took her to Hexin Brainwashing Center. There, they threatened and lied to her. Using the excuse that she had written an article exposing the ransacking of her father's clinic by Guangxin police, they sentenced Ms. Zhao to three years of forced labor and also fired her from her job.

In September 2007 when the Chinese Communist Party held its 17th Congress, officers from the Xiangyang Police Station searched everywhere for Ms. Zhao Xianchang to try to put her under surveillance.