(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners recently posted their thoughts about the Olympic Games online. They were all well written. However, since everyone shared from different perspectives, their views may not be so different. I would also like to share my personal views on this matter based on my understanding of Master's lecture "Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference." (All quotes below are from this lecture) Please mercifully point out any inappropriate parts.

I feel that it is correct that Dafa practitioners do not get attached to the evil Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Olympic Games, or to whether the Olympics would be held or not. But we cannot say that this is not related to our cultivation. As a matter of fact, I believe that the CCP's Olympic Games directly target practitioners' human attachments. That is because we have fear, we have not reached the level of consummation, we have not saved enough people, and we have not done very well in saving people. Moreover, we still have many human mentalities and human notions, and many of us have not laid aside personal benefits, emotions, life and death, and others.

The entire Three Realms was created and prepared for the Fa-rectification. Therefore, think about it: up to today, as Master's Fa-rectification proceeds rapidly and has reached its final stage, nothing in the world that is not related to Fa-rectification can interfere. While China is the main stage of Fa-rectification, it is not a coincidence that the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held the Olympic Games. Can it be a coincidence? (Whether it will be successfully held is a different matter). Isn't it arranged for Dafa practitioners' cultivation? Master said,

"Could anything that happens in Dafa cultivation, in Fa-rectification, or in validating the Fa be simply by chance? Isn't this incident itself saving sentient beings?"

No matter whether it was arranged by the old forces or others, such a big event must be a step that would be utilized in the process of Master's Fa-rectification, and it must be a very important and very critical step.

Master said,

"Today, this gangster regime and the entire government, including its foreign embassies, exist solely for the sake of Falun Gong. This gigantic apparatus accompanies you and casts you in vivid relief--isn't that terrific, something unheard of! They no longer bother with pretending and are pulling out all of their thuggish, underhanded tactics as they go about doing malicious things. It looks like quite an intimidating show that they put on, but I would say that that's their last flurry of activity before they perish. (Applause) Just keep watching and you will see that that's how the drama plays out. This period of history was arranged for Dafa disciples to save sentient beings, so why haven't you taken the lead role?" ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

From the first day the Olympic Torch was lighted and for over 6 months on its trip around the world, the struggle between justice and the wicked has occurred everywhere without stop. During that half year, numerous striking events took place in China. From studying the Fa, I understand that everybody has to take a stand on the side of good or on the side of evil. How do people express their stand? Isn't it true that sentient beings should be given a chance? Hence, the long journey of the Olympic Torch was used to offer people in the world the opportunity to take a stand: to support the Human Rights Torch or the wicked fire (the Olympic Torch); to hold on to morality and conscience or to seek monetary benefits; to return to one's original self or to slide down? Every single person is consciously or subconsciously making his or her choice. Master said,

"Aren't good and evil displaying themselves exactly for the world's people to see? Aren't those who can be saved being identified and set apart?"
"At critical junctures, the outcome is determined by how a person positions himself and how each person handles things. Do the person's actions originate from good or wicked thoughts? Gods are watching what each person thinks and are deciding whether that being is to be kept. Conversely, aren't these events themselves [providing an opportunity to] save the sentient beings who can be saved? Could anything that happens in Dafa cultivation, in Fa-rectification, or in validating the Fa be simply by chance? Isn't this incident itself saving sentient beings?" ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

Hence, whether the Olympics is successful or not is not important, nor is it something we should be attached to. The old forces arranged that "The best autumn scenery is in Chang'an." Through a series of procedures, gods offer people an opportunity to place themselves for future. To Dafa disciples, the wicked CCP's demonic drama has come to its end, so the old forces once again uses it to test Fa-rectification Dafa disciples, to provide one more chance especially for those who have been hiding for nine years at home, to see whether they would come out or not this time, and whether or not they want the title of Fa-rectification Dafa disciples. Those practitioners who have stepped forward and have been doing the three things, but still have some strong attachments were also given a chance to find those attachments and eliminate them. For our entire group as one-body, we have been watched to see if our hearts have been moved or if we still do the three things well. If we do not use our human mentalities, but instead use righteous thoughts all the time--use our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces and the persecution with no fear--the wicked forces will be depleted and will hurt nobody.

Not long ago, a fellow practitioner from our local area spread the rumor that before the Olympic Games started, the wicked regime would send thugs to search every household. If they found a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, the owner would be sentenced right away. If Dafa books or other materials were found, the owners would be arrested. It sounded very scary. However, I pondered on it, and then told this practitioner to stop spreading that rumor. I also told him that he made it sound too scary. The situation has changed, and it was no longer the period after July 20, 1999 when the persecution against Falun Gong just began. During those days, the wicked force was everywhere. But now it has diminished. Now the evil is afraid. What are we afraid of? Do not be afraid of the wicked forces. Fortunately, that fellow practitioner did not tell anyone else that "internal information." All the other fellow practitioners also calmed down. Right before the CCP's Olympic Torch came to our area, we told fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference from the other dimensions. The effect was good. For six months, several dozen practitioners were arrested in our neighboring counties and cities. However, only two practitioners from our area were arrested when they were making truth-clarifying materials. One of the two has been released, but the other is still detained.

Dafa disciples should take this time to save more people. We should no longer wait and drag around a heavy load of attachments. "Time is life" is the most appropriate phrase to express what I want to say now. If we use the time well, we can save more lives. Nevertheless, if we waste time, we will destroy lives. Time does not wait for us. Fellow practitioners, let's hurry.