(Clearwisdom.net) Helping those in need, doing good deeds, and being charitable are the traditional virtues of ancient Chinese culture. They are the righteous conduct and social responsibilities of each individual. Since ancient times, those who rule with benevolence are respected by the people, and those who slight and neglect the people are despised by the people.

For example, when Wang Shu of the Ming Dynasty was the governor of Yangzhou, there were floods in several areas. He rushed to the disaster areas to offer help and submitted a detailed report of the situation to request for aid. Because he was so eager to save lives, he did not wait for the authorities' approval and began to distribute grain to prevent famine. He also handed out loans to assist the victims of the flooding. As a result of his efforts, he saved about two million people. Afterwards, he was promoted to be the Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and recommended many virtuous officials to the royal court. He lived to the age of ninety-three, and had five sons and thirteen grandchildren. Each and every one of them was a virtuous and prominent official. People said that because Wang Shu had a compassionate heart, risked his life for making his own decisions without the approval of the authorities, and saved the lives of two million people, he lived a wealthy and healthy long life and had offspring who were successful. People believed that this was the result of his being compassionate and virtuous.

During the second year of Dali during the Tang Dynasty, the autumn frost seriously damaged the crops. Emperor Tang Dai Zong was concerned about the disaster and ordered the head of each county to report the damage to the royal government. Liu Zao, the magistrate of Weinan County, Shanxi Province, reported to the government saying, "Our county did not have any damage at all!" The emperor was very suspicious of his report because there were damage reports from each region, except for Weinan County. He sent someone to investigate the situation in Weinan, and found three thousand hectares of crops that were damaged. Upon hearing the report, the emperor said angrily, "The county magistrate should be compassionate to its residents. Even if there was no damage to the crops, the magistrate should disclose people's suffering. Liu Zao is such an unkind official!" Thus, the emperor ruled Liu Zao guilty of his deeds and banished him to a remote area.

Zheng Qing Chen of the Song Dynasty was cold-hearted and unkind. When he was the magistrate for Huaili County, he mistreated its residents. In order to safeguard his job, he did not report the damage of the area to the royal government, and he even threatened those who spoke the truth. When Zheng left Huaili County upon the completion of his term, the residents gathered together and jammed the roads, spitting and cursing at Zheng Qing Chen. Zheng submitted a report to the royal government accusing Huaili County residents of insulting a government official. Emperor Song Zhen Zong replied, "As a government official, the most important thing is to gain the support of the people. If the people despise you and are against your administration, then it shows how poorly you have governed! Not only are you unaware of your wrongdoings, you even dare to gripe to the royal government about the complaints people have against you. You are bold and reckless!" As a result, Zheng Qing Chen was found guilty and was demoted by the royal government.

When a government official lacks moral values, he is unable to be loyal to the nation and its people, will commit wrongdoings against the heavenly principles and laws, and damage the social order. Today, the Chinese Communist Party fakes peace to deceive the public, defame the cosmic principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and attempts to drag sentient beings into the abyss of evil. We urge people to wake up, regain their innate conscience, and withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party, as this will bring a bright future. In this crucial historical period, there are many wise people spreading the truth to the world. They truly care and are being responsible to all sentient beings, and they are carrying out benevolent deeds adhering to the laws of heaven.

August 9, 2008