(Clearwisdom.net) The Xinjin brainwashing center in Sichuan Province was established by the Sichuan Province 610 Office and Chengdu City 610 Office. It is officially called the "Chengdu Legal System Education Center," and is located at the former Xinjin Drug Rehabilitation Center in Huaqiao Township, Xinjin County, in a six-story building.

Falun Gong practitioners who are not successfully "transformed" at other brainwashing centers in the Chengdu and Leshan areas are sent here. Each practitioner has two so-called "accompanying educators" watching them around the clock.

Security cameras and monitors are installed in corridors, stairwells, washrooms, shower rooms, dormitories and toilets. The security cameras in the shower room and toilets are sound-activated, and are used to monitor practitioners' movements. Some guards even watch the security footage in a disrespectful manner, chatting and making dirty jokes while watching women in the bathrooms and showers.

The primary methods used at the Xinjin brainwashing center include:

Injecting Drugs:

Drugs are mixed with drinking water and food, and sometimes even injected into fruit. After eating these foods, the practitioners have reactions after thirty minutes, and suffer symptoms such as headaches, swollen eyes, fatigue, sleepiness (some people still felt tired and lacked energy after sleeping over ten hours), difficulty breathing, symptoms of angina pectoris, irritability and anguish.

For example, practitioner Luo Changyong in the Xindu District of Chengdu City, and Su Gang in the Dongshan District, along with a 70-year-old practitioner from the Chengdu Research Institute were detained in the Xinjin brainwashing center in 2005. They suffered the above symptoms after eating foods injected with drugs. This was the reason why some Falun Gong practitioners who were healthy before seemed to have serious illnesses after being detained here for some time. Some "accompanying educators" were not aware of the injection of the drugs, while others actively participated.


Yin Decai and Bao Xiaozi pretended to be the officials from the National People's Congress in Sichuan Province who were objectively undertaking investigations of Falun Gong, deceiving kind-hearted Dafa disciples and "transforming" them through tricks, and extracting details about the activities of other practitioners.

With adolescent Falun Gong practitioners, they use young people of the opposite sex to "give them meticulous and warm care" to "transform" them. For example, in 2005 Bao Xiaozi (about 30 years old) and Wang Xiuqin tried to deceive practitioners Su Gang, Luo Changyong and Ding Zhongbin by using lustful behavior. Every time Bao Xiaozi wanted to have a conversation with a male practitioner, she would always ask the "accompanying educator" to leave, so she could be with the practitioner by herself, and purposely close the door. Bao Xiaozi would tell the practitioner that her "mother" really cared about them and would put her "mother" on the phone to persuade them to "transform." Afterwards she would tell them that her "father" really cared about them, and he wanted to visit them and give them something. Occasionally she would conduct some other shameful actions. After her plot was exposed in the public, Bao Xiaozi shouted at and verbally abused practitioners. She also once also poked the hand of practitioner Wang Xiaosong (from Dayi County Education Bureau in Chengdu) with a ballpoint pen, causing his hand to bleed.

Attacking and Defaming Falun Gong:

Wang Hongqiang forces Falun Gong practitioners to watch video programs that defame Falun Gong every day. If someone refuses, the guards force practitioners to listen to them read the materials aloud. Wang Hongqiang, Huang Zhongzhi and Xu Dan photocopied dozens of the Falun Gong founder's photos and wrote abusive language on them, and secretly placed them under the sheets that practitioners sleep on. They also scribbled on the photos. When Falun Gong practitioners tried to stop them, they ripped the pictures apart and threw them into the toilet. Practitioners picked up the broken pictures piece by piece, but were laughed at by the guards.

Forcing Practitioners to Renounce Falun Gong through Physical Punishment:

If they failed to "transform," practitioners after employing all the above means, Wang Hongqiang, Huang Zhongzhi and Xu Dan would post charts that defamed Dafa on the wall in a room, and then call practitioners who refused to be "transformed," including Su Gang, Luo Changyong, Wang Xiaosong and Xie Haifeng (from Shanxi Province, was working in Chengdu) to the room, one by one, deprive them of sleep, and sometimes even beat them. If they were still not successful in "transforming" the practitioners, then Wang Hongqiang, Xu Dan, Huang Zhongzhi, Chen Shutao and He Moumou (from Xinjin, team leader of the catering department, previously an armed policeman, is a main assailant who beats Falun Gong practitioners) and some others, six or seven of them in total, would beat the practitioners until they could no longer move, then grab their hands and force their thumb-prints on pre-written "Transformation Statements." The guards said, "You don't want to transform, so we will help you to understand. Now you have been transformed, and we will send your "Transformation Statements" together with you name, address and photo to the Minghui website. You can no longer cultivate Falun Gong."


The Xinjin brainwashing center usually holds about 20 Falun Gong practitioners at any one time, but sometimes the number reached 30 or 40. If some were released, the brainwashing center assigned a certain number to the district and county 610 Offices, through the 610 Offices at the provincial and municipal levels, asking them to bring more. They make money from the process. Some who had already been "transformed," were still brought to the sessions with the excuse that they needed to be observed to see if they were truly transformed. If a practitioner's work unit pays next month's living expenses for that practitioner, he will be released. On the day the practitioner is released, the practitioner's work unit is required to invite the brainwashing center staff for dinner and entertainment.

The "accompanying educators" were chosen from the work units where Falun Dafa practitioners worked or from the township where they live. Some were also laid-off staff. The "accompanying educators" earn a wage of 600 to 800 yuan per month, with some receiving more. Each Falun Gong practitioner is required to give the brainwashing center 2,500 yuan per month as "living expenses." The wages of "accompanying educators" are paid by Falun Gong practitioners' work units and their families. Each time a practitioner is successfully "transformed," the brainwashing center receives a considerable amount as a bonus. Since its establishment in 2005, by a rough estimation, the Xinjin brainwashing center has extorted over two million yuan from Falun Gong practitioners' work units.

Responsible individuals in the Xinjin Brainwashing Center:

Li Feng, chief
Yin Decai, Liu Hui, deputy chief

Other members:
Wang Hongqiang (from Dayi County, Sichuan Province, graduated from the South-westen University of Political Science and Law), Huang Zhongzhi (was a teacher), Xu Dan (from Pengzhou City, used to work for the local county government, was selected for the brainwashing center in 2005 together with Wang), He Moumou (from Xinjin City, head of the catering department, previously an armed policeman and is a main assailant who beats Falun Gong practitioners), Bao Xiaozi (female), Wang Xiuqin (female), Chen Shutao, Liu Hui.