(Clearwisdom.net) The following practitioners, all from Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province, were arrested and persecuted by the local police weeks prior to August 7, 2008: Ms. Zhang Chunhe, Mr. Chen Maohua, Mr. Lai Borui and his wife Ms. Liu Yuhong.

Ms. Zhang Chunhe was illegally arrested at work on July 23 by police from the Zengcheng City 610 Office and the Xiyuan Police Station. She was taken to the Chatou Brainwashing Center in Guangzhou City. The brainwashing center refused to take her because numerous tumors were found in her body during the medical exam. She was taken back to Zengcheng City by 610 officers on July 24, but the police did not release her. On July 25, a large group of people went to ransack her home. They confiscated DVDs and her computer. Ms. Zhang was taken to the Zengcheng Detention Center, where she is still being detained. Ms. Zhang's father, who is over eighty years old, could not bear to see his daughter persecuted and fell ill. He was taken to the emergency room at Guangzhou Hospital. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents followed the family to Guangzhou City and continues to monitor their phone calls and other activities.

Mr. Chen Maohua was arrested on July 23 and taken to the Guangzhou City Brainwashing Center. The employees of the brainwashing center went out of their way to be nice to his family members while at the same time telling them lies.

Mr. Lai Borui and his wife Ms. Liu Yuhong were both arrested on May 8. They were taken to the Zengcheng City Detention Center after their home was ransacked, and Lai Borui is still being detained there. Ms. Liu was released because she is pregnant, but the CCP personnel did not stop harassing her. Several people have been assigned to keep Ms. Liu under surveillance outside her apartment building. She is followed wherever she goes.

The family members of the above practitioners were intimidated and threatened with arrest when they asked the 610 Office to release the practitioners.

Those who were involved in persecuting Mr. Chen: Instructor Zhou at the brainwashing center: 86-20-81730648
Qiu Xianyang, who was involved in the arrest of Mr. Chen Maohua: 86-13509288800 (Cell)

Zengcheng City Politics and Law Committee 610 Office: Zhong Baochao (Deputy secretary, 610 Office chair): 86-20-32851610 (Office), 86-20-82638678 (Home), 86-13809283208 (Cell)

Wang Jianlai 610 Office deputy director, the main person responsible for the persecution of Ms. Zhang Chunhe: 86-20-82723610 (Office), 86-20-82622833 (Home), 86-13923372833 (Cell)
The unit involved in Ms. Zhang Chunhe's persecution: Xiyuan Police Station in Zengcheng City
Chief Mai: 86-13902330136 (Cell)
Instructor Song Zhongzhong: 86-13902331193 (Cell)
Zhong Liangcong, deputy chief, main person responsible for the persecution of Mr. Lai Borui and Mr. Chen Maohua): 86-13902333839 (Cell)
The unit involved in Mr. Lai Borui and Ms. Liu Yuhong's persecution, Shitan Town Police Station in Zengcheng City: Chief Wu Huaigen: 86-13922382222 (Cell)
Deputy chief Li Hanhua and Zhong Weihong