(Clearwisdom.net) The Italian Rainews24 website carried the news that Eutelsat yielded to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pressure and discontinued broadcasting NTDTV into China.

The report stated that just a few weeks before the start of the Beijing Olympics, NTDTV's signal was cut off and millions of Chinese families are affected.

On June 16, Eutelsat suddenly announced that its satellite was having trouble after four years of service to NTDTV. NTDTV's signal to Asia has been cut off ever since.

Amnesty International, which monitors freedom of the press worldwide, condemned Eutelsat for caving in to the CCP's pressure and stopping NTDTV's signal. Amnesty International provided a voice recording of a telephone interview as evidence that Eutelsat intentionally stopped the broadcast.

A project to collect signatures in favor of resuming NTDTV's signal was initiated online. NTDTV is headquartered in New York.